Does it mean anything or is it all a coincidence?

There's a situation with a girl I know where she could like me but also it could be a coincidence. I'm bad at interpretation of stuff like this, so here you go. But I want to add a caveat that this girl is def out of my league, but before you say it, she is a really strong Christian and super sweet, so I don't think she would be playing with ANYONE'S feelings. Either she likes me or it's coincidence. Because she turns a lot of guys down. For me I didn't make any moves because I wanted to be friends bc I know most guys try to get with her but I wasn't about 2b that guy yk?

1 this girl's guy friend (who's also my friend) has told me periodically that I should go for her.

2 her girl friend (is also my friend) asked me out of the blue if I had a "crush on anyone on campus." I was trying to be really ambiguous and not give her a yes or no answer to anything, so I said "maybe."
To which she responded, "I'll take that as a yes..."
"LOL okay"
"So who is it?"
"Is it [the girl's name]?"
"I'll take that as a yes, too."
"Why? It could be a 'no.'"
"Uhhhhh! Just tell me! (I'm really good at keeping secrets. If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mineeeeee)"
"That's not fair! I already know yours lol"
... continued for a bit.

3 after that conversation, the girl broke it off with the guy she was talking to. This was also after I started sitting next to her in class. Later her girlfriend told me that this happened, but she also said she doesn't go for white guys (i. e. me). And then she was like "ohhh, I probably shouldn't have told you any of this hahaha"

4 after all of that, late at night my guy friend came to my room and asked to borrow some blank papers. While he was here tho, he told me, "bro, you should go for [her]." And he told me that she broke up with her boyfriend and stuff after I was in class with her.

So all of this happened over like half of a semester. It was really spread out and I feel like there's a lot of context around that culd make it coincidental
Does it mean anything or is it all a coincidence?
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