Is lacking passion and any type of sex in a 9 month old relationship weird?

I'm 35 and he's 43. We've been dating for nearly 9 months. My mother thinks we sound more like innocent 14-15 year-olds holding hands and kissing but no one initiates anything, there isn't any passion nor sparks at all. We haven't even seen each other naked either. We had done nothing sexual. Honestly, I don't care too much about the sexual part. I'm more worried about the forming a family part.

We had a woman-to-woman talk and she believes that at some point, it all comes naturally and the man eventually leads (or it comes naturally from me) unless there is something about him I don't know. She thinks the fact that he's waiting that long and ok in a relationship he's not getting anything is rare because very few men will wait that long. She thinks that's part of the reason things are taking longer. She believes some passion will help things, will progress things and form a family.

My father on the other hand is more worried about when we'll form a family already. I'll be honest, I'm with him on this one. I'm worried about that part too.

Be honest, do you find our relationship weird?

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1 y
Needless to say both of my parents are worried for me, worried that things are taking longer. Yes I like him, yes he is cute, serious, I enjoy his company and want to form a family with him but ''Am I crazy madly in love with him that I want sex every day (passionate love type)''? Nope
Is lacking passion and any type of sex in a 9 month old relationship weird?
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