Long distance relationship, I feel as though I'm not important to him anymore? Should I give up?


So over the last few days I have had issues with my boyfriend (see previous question) but I have been dwelling on things today and feeling upset and feel as though perhaps I'm not actually as important to him as what I had believed for the following reasons:

- He "Joked" about having another girlfriend

- Forgot that today is my birthday and then proceed to try make it up by sending me a dirty video of him as a birthday treat and wanted one back. Got off and didn't ask if I did too.

- Has the opportunity to see me in a couple of weeks time but has to think about if he wants to see me or not (I know he's busy before and after the oppurtunity but feel like roles reversed I'd always want to see him)

- Won't outright tell me I'm bothering him if I text him but will decrease the amount he replies unless I ask if i am and then tells me and wants time alone

- Tells me he is going to bed but will stay up online watching youtube for at least an hour after the fact.

- I always have to arrange or ask to see him

-We don't go anywhere together when I do see him.

- I arrange ways for us to spend time together while apart (movie nights, music sharing, general deep conversations, gaming time)

- I seem to initiate conversations over text all the time.

I just don't know what to do. He has a club activity this evening and won't be contactable untill late but I want to talk about it as we always agreed to be open but he has got me feeling so paranoid and self concious lately. I'm scared to bring it up any more and push him away further as he keeps acting supportive and understanding when I do say things to him, Im scared he'll snap if I ask again (we've not yet had an argument, always talked things out)

Any advice?

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So I'm still waiting to be able to talk to him but just to clarify:

- we met online and have been in our relationship for 10 months
-We have spoke about moving in together in the future
-He has gone back into studying so he has a fairly busy schedule
- we live 3 hours from each other which is why I feel like seeing each other should be easier
Long distance relationship, I feel as though I'm not important to him anymore? Should I give up?
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