I married a weak man. I am losing my mind what should I do to save the relationship?


I married a weak man, it took me a while to figure it out. He is a full professional and I promise you since dating most of his workload falls on me and blames me when something goes wrong while he's out and about 5 days a weak, God knows doing what.

People have done disrespectful things to me, he would be there either He joins them or pretends he didn't see or know ig then I'd talk to him and not he is infuriating because "I didn't tell him right away"🙃

Friends, his mom and sister and even people he just met makes big decisions for him and he listens and even cause financial loss ($20,000 and up)

He tells his mom and sister every little detail of our relationship and my flaws, the sister even came at me and insulted me verbally, he left our home to go stay at his sister's aprstment for 4 days. We are working on a life changing project for me, he has told his family about my failures in this journey and updates them.

He went to his sister's home to fix something for her, I texted him "please do not discuss my project with people" as the project has been progressing and I believe that things work better when you move in silence he texted me fuck you. And called me and said " my niece (5 years old) imagine my own niece was using my phone and you text me that, how dare you? What if her mom saw the text? I'm coming home for you I'm gonna show you?" After this text, he stopped talking to me he acts as if I'm lying when we both know he is always telling people our business. We had big plans so those plans will resume maybe next month once he stops bitching.

I give him strategies to help us go to a different level financially, he messed it up and we have to start over, he gets irritated and calls me names all kinds of names, stops me from going to the gym, to work, spends money like he pleases but i can't. He is always putting everything on me, he can't stand up to no one, business partners included. Yet he calls himself an alpha male 🤣

What do I do?

1 y
He is a few years older, he stops having sex with me as a punishment every time there's a disagreement. He once barely had manhood I helped him recover it... Now any problems he becomes enemy, whatever projects we were working on he stops them completely and we start over once we make up. Meanwhile no matter how big the fight I'm open to have sex, I cook, clean, do the laundry, organize his clothes
I married a weak man. I am losing my mind what should I do to save the relationship?
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