How can u say u love someone but continue to do things that hurt ur spouse?

My boyfriend and I been together 10 months.

He says he loves me a lot. He spends every single day with me on the phone and sleeps with me on the phone because I have nightmares

He listens to my feelings and is always there for me

He says he loves me like all the time. But I tell him things about Me and it's like he remembers everything I say or do.

But why does he do things that will hurt me?

I told him how people really bully me and put me down. My ex was really controlling and abusive. He would always tell me to be quiet be seen and not heard.

Now my current boyfriend everytime I'm having a good time singing and dancing he says oh you kno what's crazy? In the beginning you mever used to act like this u never use to sing like this loud.

And im like oh ok my bad ill keep it down. And then he gets mad like I am not that type of person I was complimenting u. And I'm like? How? How is that a compliment that was literally not a compliment. He says he thinks he's happy to see me happy. But he never said that. He said basically I've changed like I was fake in the beginning and bringing it to my attention. Like oh u used to be so refined and quiet and now look at u ur nothing like how u used to be.

I don't know man it seems many times I mention like hey I was sexually assaulted and never been in a consensual relationship before. And then he proceeds to beg me to see his dick and then after a month of saying no I finally agree and ever since he had been pressing and begging since I showed u mine pls show me urs trust me I trust u.

I'm ready to break up w him the more I type the more angry I get

How can u say u love someone but continue to do things that hurt ur spouse?
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