Am I in the wrong?

So I told this guy friend of mine I had feelings for him months ago
He doesn’t feel the same way and that’s okay
Tho recently we had a fight (i mean he was fighting, i never got angry, i was just sad) because I got upset about him doing all of his pda one night with a girl he meet a couple days prior and it wasn’t even a serious thing between them, yk just one of those just because thing
And I told him that that wasn’t very nice of him
Cause he was there with the group of friends I was out with for like half an hour so I think it could have been avoidable for that little span of time
And I didn’t told him that he couldn’t, I just told that him that he could have done less
I didn’t rage, I was just communicating that he hurt me
And he got mad
Because he said that I’m his friend and I can’t take it out on him randomly
Now he doesn’t want to be friend with me anymore because he said that I bring drama to his life

What do you think? Was I wrong for what I did? I know I don’t have the right to be upset about his dating life but he’s always done this stuff to me, like sending me picture of the hickeys a girl gave him (this was like a week after I confessed), always talking to me about how much he likes a girl, even like intimate stuff he had with them, etc even tho I never ask about those stuff because I know that of course it would hurt me
I don’t know really, let me know your thoughts

(Sorry for eventual bad English)
Am I in the wrong?
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