Should I believe my new boyfriend doesn't already have a girl?

I 27(F) just started dating my boyfriend 29(M) about a week ago. I didn’t think I’d be the crazy or jealous girlfriend but something happened last night.

We were lying in bed while he directed a girl he worked with from his house cameras to let the dog out to use the bathroom, so I could see his phone well. But his phone kept ringing (I’d say a good 15 times) with a contact named My Queen followed by red heart and several more gushy emojis. He just kept seeming annoyed, never answered it, and laid back down.

At this point, my head is reeling an I feel awful. I’ve seen a lot of guys with girls back home that will try to see others when they’re away. The name especially got me. I started to wonder was this his girlfriend an he’s just being with me on the side.

He can tell something’s wrong but I say I’m fine an just need sleep. I’m a lot more distant as we lay there for the next 20 minutes. He asks me again an I just say does he have a girlfriend back home. He tells me he has an ex there an why. I said I was just curious an he said I had to ask for a reason.

I asked about the girl that called him 20 times. He said it was an ex who had asked earlier what he was doing. He told her he was with his new girlfriend. She kept trying to contact him once she heard that. When he blocked her number, she started calling him on social media and My Queen (Emojis cont.) is her username that's why it said that.

He told me if I have a problem it’s better for him if we can get it out and not be “caught in our feelings”. Things were way better after that, but there’s still doubts in my head. I’ve also seen him fib before to maintain privacy. Still he says he’s in this for the long haul, even talked about proposing some day, and gave me a key to his house so having another girl doesn’t seem to line up. I wonder tho should I believe him?

Should I believe my new boyfriend doesn't already have a girl?
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