My coworker told me his girlfriend is jealous of me, why would she be?


My coworker and I have been very friendly, but I am friends with both of my coworkers.

They are guys.

We have gone on Karting and Baseball together and we are having a good time at work, chatting and being very friendly to each other.

They often compliment me and help me or feel protective of me, but other than that we live our lives and we are just friends.

Today, when I was walking home, I suddenly saw one of my coworkers walking and I run to him and scared him from behind 🤣

It lead to us walking together and we talked a lot.

He was telling me he has a long distance relationship and he is figuring out how to help the situation because it’s very hard for his girlfriend to be far from him.

I tried to give some suggestions because I felt empathetic of that girl, because I have been in the same situation as well and I fully understand how she must feel being away from someone she loves.

I shared some of my experience to my friend.

At some point he told me, they had argument about me and his girlfriend has even stalked my Instagram account to see who I was ever since we started working together and she asked him “Who is this hot girl? And why are you hanging out with her? How is that friendly?”

(We are just friends though. I don’t have any feelings for him. I am just happy to have friends here, as I was totally new to Shanghai and didn’t have anyone here.)

I told him I wouldn’t like to come between him and his girlfriend and I hoped she can know I would never ever try to get close to somebody else’s boyfriend, especially that I have been in the same situation as her before, I mean LDR. So she doesn’t have to worry.

I suggested him that he shows her more attention so that she doesn’t have a reason to feel jealous and he must assure her that he loves her.

What else can I do?

My coworker told me his girlfriend is jealous of me, why would she be?
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