Boyfriend having another shutdown and needs space, not sure if its about us?

My boyfriend and I started dating 10 days after we met, its been almost two months since we met. He told me on our one month that he has a feeling we may not last long but still wanted to pursue it to prove his gut wrong. We both want a long term relationship.

There has been reassurance and we still want to try and make this work. since that incident he has become more communicative, calls me often and has started showing more of the loving, caring side of him. My boyfriend tends to indirectly push his insecurities on me which leads to a rollercoaster each week nearly. Me being a similar person i can sympathize and be patient cause i have done the same in the past.

My boyfriend and I have a relatively healthy relationship that way where we respect each other and try to communicate whatever is bothering us. The issue is he struggles to open up and sometimes has a shutdown or there's an issue he doesn't tell me details saying he is trying to solve it on his own. I dont mind giving him space cause he is very used to being alone (he's been living alone since he was 14-15) but him doing this also fuels my overthinking and triggers my anxiety often because im in the constant fear of smth going down or being betrayed because of how my ex treated me and usually my gut feeling always signals something. We spent Friday Saturday and a bit of Sunday together where he tried to help me with my anxiety cause I had the issue Friday night/ Saturday moring but on Saturday evening and a bit of Sunday I noticed he was a light quieter and less touchy as well. Today he said he needs some space because of some problems that are troubling him and he wants to solve it on his own. I let him know I'm there for him and trying to give him space but I'm a little concerned cause I'm constantly worried our relationship is in Jeopardy tho we talk about the near future constantly and we usually call often.

3 mo
by the way we're around 20. I would say it has been a rollercoaster cause we jumped into a relationship without enough time knowing each other but we also are clear on what we want. He is very loving otherwise and he has never disrespected me or been abusive in any form. If anything he has been amazingly supportive with my school and anxiety issues and I've done the same for him. We definetly share some values together too and dont give up on each other and loved ones
Boyfriend having another shutdown and needs space, not sure if its about us?
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