What should I do? Should I take the opportunity?

28 F, 28 M. We were besties in High school, graduated together, and went separate ways.

He got engaged after dating a girl for 4 years, and I enjoyed a 7 year long relationship whilst completing my educational degree from University. I have achieved that degree, and recent turn of events, my old bestie from highschool reached out to me! He noticed I changed my "relationship" status on my social media to "Single" as my 7 year relationshp ended 1 year ago, due to him requesting I give up my career and be a "stay at home girlfriend" for the rest of my life. No kids, no ring, no commitments, he treated me like a mother to the point he'd ask me to cut up fruit for his work lunches and pack them... lol.

I RAN outta there when things started to turn like that.

Anyways, my bestie guy friend from high school reached out, asking if I was okay and we got talking. We kept in touch over the years, but he moved to a different city, and got his degree from college. He ended up calling off the engagement as his ex cheated on him! I had no idea until he informed me :(
By turn of events, he invited to come visit me and offered to get together for lunch and invited me to a new comedy movie (since we both used to watch tons of comedies when we hung out in high school!) he remembered all these details about me, it was so sweet.

I am single, he is single, he invited me out THIS weekend. Oddly enough he also let me know he will be in the city more, as his best work buddy just bought a home close to where I live, like 3 streets over from my place haha - totally coincidental!

So, SHOULD I get together? Opportunity is knocking, and I'm not really sure if it's a good idea or not?
Has anyone ever reconnected with their high school best friend (opposite gender) and made a friendship work, even YEARS later?

Thanks loves! <3

What should I do? Should I take the opportunity?
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