Should I take this as she isn't interested in me?

I'm 23, she is 21 and had moved to my neighborhood a year ago. We have met a few times but mostly during a situation where I can't talk to her much because of her or my parents. I have seen her mostly when she has come to take keys for her house. She is selectively extrovert. I haven't got many opportunities to talk to her. So I don't have any clear idea whether she likes me. I have met her few times at the park but she didn't seem interested in me as she looked bothered when I looked at her though I wasn't smiling cause I was little nervous (but I wore a mask so she probably wouldn't have known whether I'm smiling anyways). Then I left her alone. The next time, I saw her again at the floor passageway while leaving from home, her house door was open, her uncle caught me peeking then called her (I have no idea how her uncle even know me), they both came outside she was giggling and smiling big at me and staring at me. Recently, when I passed by her she wasn't looking bothered this time but was smiling at me and checking me out. I didn't look from far because I thought she would get embarrassed again. I looked when I came near her and said 'Hi' to her but she didn't say hi back, was looking in other direction and just nodded her head. Later on the same day I saw her with her friend, she was looking at me from far away but not when she was near me. I'm confused whether she likes me or not. Does she like me?
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She is going to move in a month.
Should I take this as she isn't interested in me?
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