Should I take a gap year from my studies?

I was recently offered to go into research for the next few years, however I cannot defer the application. The university lecturers have also stated they are not sure if this course will be taken down by next time due to it becoming not adequate to meet the registration requirements, however this may be my only opportunity to move into registration.

HOWEVER, for the past year my mental health has taken a massive toll on me, and my grades. I failed a course recently and my marks are not looking great. I have severe burn out from doing so much course work. I also have some depression and anxiety due to personal problems.

I am also conflicted whether I should travel around Asia and see what there is out there, or I should stride forth in my course work despite me being extremely burnt out. This might be my only chance to become who I want to be, but I will be very mentally unwell by the end of it.

Both friends, family and even my course director have stated I should take a gap year and make sure I feel refreshed and think about whether I want to continue or not. I can always apply for next year, but if the course stays around is the main question.

Should I take a gap year from my studies?
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