Do straight guys ask each other out to coffee?

I'm writing a book. In it, I have two young men that are general acquaintances. The one guy, let's call him JJ, is dating the former major crush of the other, let's call him Drew. However, Drew never makes any move on the girl and respects JJ's relationship with her. JJ likes Drew, and wants to be friends with him because of his integrity.

My question is, do guys ask other straight guys out to coffee? This is something that girls do, but obviously, these are two guys.

I want to remain realistic to male relationships, but I really need these guys to be good friends for the plot, and Drew would absolutely decline an invitation to hang out in a group setting or something similar, which JJ is aware of.
I wouldn't say they're on the greatest terms, as JJ is dating Drew's love interest, but they do have a healthy respect for each other.

If anybody's interested, I am writing a book about one of these characters, although the names have been changed to prevent spoilers.

This book is being published May 26th and I can post a link!

Do straight guys ask each other out to coffee?
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