How to casually ask a guy out on a coffee date?

This would usually be straightforward, but the guy I want to ask out lives about an hour away. I've sneakily had coffee with him on campus once before, but now I would like to do something off campus. I don't know what he thinks of me yet. Any suggestions on how to casually ask him out? Any sneaky lines anyone's got up their sleeve?

Extra info: I know he likes coffee and reading, and I know a cute (although small) coffee/bookstore in town that I would like to take him to. I want to make it a worthwhile date considering the distance he would need to travel, but I want to keep it casual. I've also never asked anyone out before.


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  • Just keep it simple. "hey you wanna grab coffee (mtwtf) (morning , afternoon , evening) ? Guys aren't as picky about how we are asked.


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  • LITERALLY walk up to him AND ASK HIM

  • Just ask him. Straight out. If he's interested then he will probably bring it up surfing or after the coffee. Let him walk you to your car after and ask him if he is interested in you.


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