I had an argument with my boyfriend about parental love, should I reconsider the relationship?

My boyfriend of 3 years and I shared some different views but after yesterday's argument, I'm thinking of reconsidering my relationship. We were watching about the documentary of former serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and how his father (along with the stepmother) used to visit him in prison when he was still alive.

My boyfriend went off saying ''If that was my kid, I'm disowning that thing, that's no longer my child. He would be non-existent to me. I found myself speechless. It killed me when he added that if we were married, had a son or daughter that turned out bad or betrayed his trust and I still visited/had contact with them, he would divorce me because by still having speaking with them, I would be enabling the behavior. I completely disagree. I wouldn't bail them out of jail nor support them financially but I wouldn't stop loving my love. My boyfriend thinks parental love should be conditional just like any relationship and I strongly disagree with him. I would have no problems loving my child unconditionally till my last breath.

Others reasons he told me he would disown a child is if they also betrayed his trust in these scenarios:

- If we ever had a child and they got to an age (15 and older) where they hide a mother's affair or assisted them such as erasing the lover's text messages, or accepting money from the mom's lover... immediate disownment

- The son grows up and beats his girlfriend/wife or a daughter became a hooker and is using drugs; immediate disownment

- The child grows up and plots against him to steal his savings---immediate disownment

I'm not liking this and have been reconsidering this relationship. Is it normal to now feel unsure of this relationship? I didn't like the part about him saying he would leave me if I didn't disown our future child just like he would.

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I have never betrayed my parents' trust in any way nor ever stolen money from them but it makes me feel happy to know they love me unconditionally no matter what.
I had an argument with my boyfriend about parental love, should I reconsider the relationship?
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