Boyfriend complains about me?

So my boyfriend was drinking the other day and told his friend to come over that he’s drinking and that I ruin his fun. His friend's girlfriend told me this.
The reason I don’t like him drinking is because he’s an alcoholic, parents are, he said he wants to sober up. When he has drank a lot (he binges to no end) we have argued and he started yelling and breaking things. He lost his job and I gave him cash and now he’s buying drinks when I don’t see him. He also told his friend that I’m too old and he needs an 18 year old (said this when drunk) he doesn’t know that I know any of this.
He says he loves me and wants me to move in, but I don’t know who the real person is. The drunk who tells me I should find better or the sweet guy who says he’ll love me forever.
Should I have a heart to heart with him? Like I feel he’s using me (I buy majority of food) and when I’m hesitant to pay for gas he gets upset. He also lies to me about things. I’ve been looking for jobs for him while he drinks and then he’s hungover the next day and is in bed all day. I love him, but it’s eating at me.
Should I just end it because of the complaining (I won’t tell him)? A family member of mine told me I’m keeping him in a relationship he doesn’t want to be in. Maybe it’s true?

Boyfriend complains about me?
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