My boyfriend told me he thinks my best friend is "hot." ?

This really got me heated. Not the fact that he thinks she's attractive, but the fact that he told me. I never brag to him about attractive guys I see, so it's not like I'm being hypocritical. I'll admit though, it does bother me that he's thinking of my friends like this. It also doesn't help that he used to like her before me and him started dating, and he never got a chance with her. The only reason I went out with him was because he "confessed" his love to me and being the hopeless romantic that I am I accepted his offer. I was also very naive at the time and I actually believed what we had was love. Now I am reconsidering ever having a future with him. And it doesn't help that he is into the nerdy,goth,scene,alternative,metal head look that my friend has got and I just don't and never will. I mean sure, I'm nerdy but I dress in Forever 21. I have no problems with people that prefer that style might I add. They are beautiful but it is just is not for me.

We've been dating for almost 2 years.

Help me. Please.
My boyfriend told me he thinks my best friend is "hot." ?
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