I apologized her for ignoring her ... please read the details..


...I have a girl In my college which is in the

commerce section and I am In science.she first

seemed interested in me when she came to the

college.I was already studying in the college and

she was new.she seemed interested in me at first

as she gazed me and smiled at me if I caught her

staring.so after few days I went to her and asked

her name... etc,n that day my friend came and

told me that she told him that he looks good.I

talked to her very little.I caught her smiling and

staring at me.one day I quite ignored her for no

reason.I was confused why I was doing this but

she then also stared at me smiling.the next day

also I ignored her.then she also started ignoring

me.after couple of days I didn't ignored her then she first ignored but then back to

smiling again... I again ignored her after some days and she started to ignore.then I

again wanted to come normal but now the case is different.she is well ignoring me

if I am seeing her and also previously she was excited and smiled when when I

came to talk her but it is not now the same.I don't whether she likes me or not and

If yes she likes I think so I have hurt her but that was not aim.I too like her. so as per advice on this site I apologized her for ignoring her but she told that she didn't even see or notice me ignoring her or in normal...

I m confused what to do? please help
I apologized her for ignoring her ... please read the details..
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