I want him out of my life for GOOD

I've recently found a few stuff on the guy I was with for going on 2 years.

It wasn't pretty, not at all. It was disrespectful towards me, It hurt me, made me feel worthless and as if I really just wasted my time with this piece of sh*t for 2 years.

I've seen something similar to this before but forgave him. I can't say that he hasn't lost my trust because he did. All of it.

So ever since, every time he messes up... I'd just decide to leave the relationship but he constantly calls my phone, leave me long text messages saying how much he loves me and there's no other girl like me and I should stay... that he won't do it anymore. right.

I'm here wondering... If I'm that special to you, why cheat? Why talk about sex with other females? why spend more than an hour on the phone with them? because knowing how I felt for him at one point, I can't picture myself doing such.

So basically,

I can't change my number(I have applied to both school and work with that number on my resume & personal information)

I Can't just ignore him because I want him to get a piece of my mind

But then again... every time I try, I never say exactly how I feel but how I felt. I felt love but now I just despise him and his lies... maybe I should say that?
I want him out of my life for GOOD
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