Growing Seventh Day Adventist

Okay this is my third MyTake so please be gentle.

Growing Seventh Day Adventist

Well one thing that people on here who don’t know about me, is that I was brought in a heavily religious background.

a lot of jamaicans are either Christians or Catholic out down to the different counties which are named of saints which they referred to as Parishes.

You could not go less than five miles without 3-4 churches within a short distance of each other, so it seen very important within our culture.

Growing Seventh Day Adventist
Seventh Day Adventist Church, St Catherine's, parish, Jamaica

However my father wasn’t religious himself even though he was brought up in a religious family. But he grown older he liked to drink sometimes and go hang out with his friends at the local bar sometimes and ride his motorbike Whereas my Mother heavily Christian- talk, eat and breathe any thing that’s church related.The irony of this is that she wasn't from a religious family at all but later found God in her early 20s.

Of course this would cause a lot of friction between my parents as my mother didn’t approve on how he used his free time rather than going to church with her.

Nonetheless, she made sure that I was raised in Christian way and very strict about it. The type of Church we were a part of was called the Seventh Adventist church, which is similar to Methodist however they believe that the Holy day is Saturday which we refer to as the Sabbath like Judasim.

Sabbath would start from sunset on the Friday evening and was not allowed to watch tv, play games, hang out with or listen to regular music until sunset on Saturday. Not unless it jesusrelated, everything else was considered as sacrilegious. This meant alongside my school work I had to do Bible lessons everyday and read scripture out of the bible explaining the meaning before going to bed each night in preparation for the sabbath.

Being part of this religion I found stressful growing up as I was not allowed play with my friends outside of school and used to feel sad listening to what fun activities they were able to on a Saturday which left me wondering why couldn’t I join them. The only ones she would approve of that I could visit were the kids that would attend the same church myself. In her words she did not want to risk her child to be corrupted by non believers.

Dietary requirements was difficult at times too as we had avoid foods that would be considered to be “unclean”and were not approved by God for consumption. For example, meat that doesn’t hooves such as pork , fish with no scales and shellfish. With that in mind, my mother made me vegetarian from an early age.

However, one day my dad gave a piece of fried chicken when I was six without telling her and she was so mad at him as I wouldn't stop asking for it when she tried to make me stay vegetarian. Did not work at all...haha!

Especially when with my West Indian roots have dishes like Curry goat, Brown stew or Jerk Chicken that my extended family would cook for gatherings – there would be no way that I could by pass that.

Even though I would find that side of being Seventh -Day Adventist was was strict there was good times also. Like for example being part of being part of a Christian Scouts group called Pathfinders was really fun. This had given me the opportunity to make new friends with from different locations and take part in activites like camping, canoeing , orienteering and absailing which we had received badges for completing each task.

Another was being part of a gospel choir from age 8 up until I was 14 and used to travel to different churches to sing and take part in concerts.

When I got older, I did start question things a lot more as lot of the rules I had to follow was ingrained into my being from birth and did not have much choice in what I could choose to do or say.

Questions like:

Why do I have to go church on Saturday?

What if they are wrong?

How does all things bring me closer to God?

Am I doing this for myself or please other people?

These questions swirling in mind a lot and it almost started to make resent my mother in creating such harsh restrictions and would cause numerous arguments. Even when I had to go to bible class I found a majority of the time the sabbath school teachers were unable to answer my queries or would divert the topic by just saying you just need have faith as God will show you the way.

Being the inquisitive person I am, this was no where near enough for me and observing how many so called religious behave, was certainly the opposite of the teachings of what they themselves were meant follow.

It was "Do as I say, not as I do"

I will explain what made things change in part 2

If you would like to hear what happened please comment below if there's enough people

Thank you for reading



Growing Seventh Day Adventist
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  • Thanks for sharing your experience. Both of my parents went to seventh day Adventist’s growing up. They didn’t like the dietary food they had to eat. But interesting read. Now I learned a little something more.
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • motownplayer2000
    First off, that's a decent synopsis of Seventh-Day Adventism. I am one currently. I am proud to be of that faith. It has done a lot for my personal growth. Like you, I have grown in the church, I had the same questions... I wondered why I couldn't do things on Friday night or Saturday. Why there were restrictions on diet and association, etc... I did grow up to resent my parents because I couldn't do the things that I wanted... until now.. I understand it. The more I've read and studied the bible, the more it makes sense. Let me try to answer some of your questions:
    1) why do I go to church on Saturday? Exodus 20:8-10- Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates.
    The days of the week are (1) Sunday-(7) Saturday. So it clearly states that the seventh day is to be kept holy.
    2) What if they are Wrong?
    Only way to find that out is to actually read the bible. And understand that can compare it to the doctrines of the church. Will all of them be right? Probably not. We are all humans and we are not perfect. But if the bible is the word of God, which we believe, then it will be more right then not.
    3) How does all things bring me closer to God?
    Not sure what your asking.. but for me, not ALL things being me closer. That's why when it comes to my associations with people there are people that I hang out with and people that I don't. doesn't mean I don't love those i don't or talk to them. But you have people you dont have hang out with because you know they are bad news in your life. Its the same concept.
    4) am I doing this for myself or please other people?
    Thats for you to decide. Between you and God. No one can answer that for you. For me, I've seen God work in my life. I've been called crazy for it. But reading and understand the bible. It make sense to me.

    As for the dietary restrictions, I was like you. I loved my jerk chicken, curry Goat. Roti with Oxtail. All of it. It was great. Then I ran into health problems. My family has heart issues, high cholesterol. We use to think it was hereditary.
    • It's not, I went plant based. Followed the blueprint laid out in the bible, before all of the health boost of people going vegan came about. Long long before. And guess what, my health drastically changed. Lost 60lbs, Cholesterol dropped from upper 200s to the mid 160s. Doctors contemplating if it stays that way, I can come off of certain meds I've been on for my whole life. There is a reason for a lot of what you were taught. The problem is the church has a terrible way of delivery.. and yes, radicals. However, if you study the bible for yourself, you just might get the answers you seek. Again, dont study it for a rebuttal to what you been taught, study it to actually understand it. That's what I did for years and now I understand it.

    • ultimega

      Wow your first person in here that's been through the same issues as mr growing up.

      However the questions asked are not recent, they examples of what thought in my early to mid teens. Things have changed a lot since then which I will further explain in my next MyTake.

    • I feel you. Yeah, it's been a journey.

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  • Jjpayne
    This is so cool!! Thank you for this!! It's fun to hear about people's backgrounds!! Are any parts of this faith still with you today?
    • ultimega

      Not as much.
      I'm a spiritual person in general so what I've been taught will always stay with me but rather not restrict myself in such a way just prove that I am.

    • Jjpayne

      Fair enough! But that's pretty cool you view yourself that way! :)

  • Paige90
    There are several different beliefs that SDA's have that are very different than mainstream Christianity. The first one that comes to mind is the doctrine of soul sleeping, which states that the souls of believers in Christ are not in heaven, but are sleeping in the graves.
  • TheFirstMan
    Hi ultimega,
    I didn't find any questions in here (it wasn't a question for your Bible teacher actually, you should ask yourself).

    I shared some of my life journey as savenday adventist for u. So, u won't lose what u trying to lose now. Actually, savenday adventist wasn't like other religion such as methodist/catholic/others. WHAT IS A SIMILIRITY IS ONLY GOD IS ONE. (I say based on your surroundings as u state above). The teaching is for having a preparation on end of world. Faith is come from you, the savenday adventist teach u about and what will happen next as prophecy (based on Bible). I don't know what how they teach u there, what u said is just like basic and every kid know that, when u grow up u need yo learn it by yourself or u will be lean on the pastor and elder (cause different people have the own interpretation way based on their understanding).
    Now, I tell u what is good with yours religion is social skills, u will thanks it forever if u really apply in your life, and u got a big family every Saturday. Last but no least, pathfinder is where u found your soul as survivor of God (at my place before, pathfinder welcome every person who want to join it, and it was fun, it start from a small church until the state level).
    U will miss the moment u got naughty at there.😂

    Can I ask u a question?
    • ultimega

      Okay TheFirstMan

      I did not specifically ask questions because this is a MyTake. Almost like a blog post.
      And the questions that were mentioned were rhetorical and were in past- my teen years to be precise.

      I'm clearly not looking for those answers now. Being as I'm 30.

      Secondly, I appreciate the fact you are trying to "help" but I did not need advice or critiques on what was solely my OWN personal experience that I had dealt with for the past 18 years.

      Everyone has their own interpretation to things - not trying to prove who is the better Adventist or who studies the bible better.

      I'm aware what a lot of those doctrines in church teach us but I'd rather not writing dissertation length essay on that subject matter as this is not what the myTake was about.
      However you are welcome to do so on your own post which I'm sure will be of interest others.

      Thirdly the patronising and condescending approach is the exact mindset that had turned me off the whole religion and no longer go to church in the first place. I am spiritual person in general but I dont need things as what was mentioned to prove that I am.

      I hope this clarifies a few things.

    • I think we are in a same path.

      I stop attending church like 10 years ago, and just the way u are.

      Me too, super spiritual but not religious attached. I feel U tho.

      Nice to read your takes, I thought I'm alone in this path😂

    • ultimega

      Hmm.. ok.

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  • sean1234
    Only do as things say in the Bible. Ellen G white for instance. Everything she says has roots directly in the bible.
    • sean1234

      There is no question that should be unanswerable. Just try me.

    • sean1234

      I myself have never set foot in a SDA church building, just saying.

    • ultimega

      I'm not looking for answers. This is a blog post of my own personal experience

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  • Dchrls78104
    Jesus did His Father's work. Part of it involved censuring the Pharisees.
    • ultimega

      I'm aware.. which part of MyTake is this referring to? Just to clarify

    • To the part where you mentioned all the rules and regulations. Jesus lived by rules and regulations. So did the Pharisees. The difference between them is that Jesus had real love for people and did not burden them down with a host of unnecessary dos and don'ts.

  • lightbulb27
    Excellent read and makes sense.
    I support mom in protecting her children. I was free to do what I wanted, but these days and depending where you are at, it's dangerous world, so until you are able to fend for yourself, I'd be restrictive as well.

    food... don't know where they get these ideas. In the end, it's all bout what you believe.

    It's good to challenge and question and find your truth. No everyone thinks or perceives the same, you have to make sense of it. some people leave the church for these reasons. I wouldn't, I went towards it, but I also acknowledge there are wrongs and sinful people there and hurtful lost people... and some who are very Godly and spirit filled.
  • ThatGuy133
    I never knew much about seventh day but I gained a bit of knowledge from this. thanks for your candid story
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your Seventh Day Adventist. I know i had a former neighbor from across street where i lived at my old house. She became a Holy roller no offense and
    she said , Halloween was doing Satan's work. She would turn us in for every little thing we got ducks and living in City limits couldn't have Ducks , so we had to find them a home. we had Dogs we had to get rid of cause of her. The year before my Mother took sick she came over with garbage bags and a rake and said to my Mom , please clean your leaves cause their coming over on my side of the street. Yes this Woman was something to write home about. Well , my Mom passed away , she came down to view my Mom being laid out and i made mends. But she passed away herself some years later her Funeral and viewing was all private.
  • Deku2009
    You are whom you are that is important , people just need to be excepting of that
  • genericname85
    What if they are wrong? that's the most important question. because if you realize that the religion of abraham has 3 major denominations (muslims, jews and christians) and those also have multiple subdenominations (baptist, mormon, seventh adventist, you name it), that means they all sort of disagree yet they all claim to believe in the word of the same god... what if none of them is right? what if all of them are wrong and the entire core, the legacy of abraham is also wrong. what if it's all bullshit?

    that's how you become an atheist :D so you should probably not ask that sort of questions. i know cause i'm an atheist but well i can tell you i'm happy being an atheist so maybe that's ok.
  • Lliam
    Very interesting. I'd like to hear more. :-)
  • Plitty-Tank
    Awesome! I'm also 7th Day Adventist.
    • ultimega

      I see' so I guess you understand some of things I went through right?

  • Jamie05rhs
    I like your story so far, Ultimega.
  • Anonymous
    I grew up Seventh-day Adventist as well. They’re much less strict these days, although they still refuse to ordain women. It’s not exactly a harmful religion (not to me anyway), but it was enough to motivate me to become an atheist.
    • Wow, I get it tho🤣🤣
      have u try the words deism? It was far suited😂