Benefits of Transcendental Meditation and How to do TM

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation and How to do TM

So these are the benefits of transcendental meditation and there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands

- It lowers cancer risk by 49%
- It lowers blood pressure risk by 25%
- It lowers cardiovascular risk by 30%
- It lowers pain weakness 45-50%

- Reduces hospitalization for cardiovascular problems by 87%
- Reduces hospitalization for nervous system problems by 83%
- Reduces hospitalization for malignant tumours by 55%
- Reduces hospitalization for mental illness by 33%
- Reduces hospitalization for infectious diseases by 30%

After 6 years, TM meditators spent 55% less money on health care than non-meditators


1. Sit or lie down or stand in a relaxed posture where you don’t have to worry about lighting or temperature or discomfort

2. Close your eyes

3. Silently repeat a foreign word or sound or name for which you have no emotional connection or symbolic association with and make sure the word or name is religious or at least moral such as the word grace or hope in a foreign language etc...

4. Do this for 20 minutes than stop the mantra and wait 2 minutes before opening your eyes

5. Do not use internet or any technological device for at least 15 minutes after the meditation

6. Do this twice a day before 6:00 p.m. and preferably also before 3:00 p.m.


The results of TM are cumulative meaning you don’t get the best results until extensive repetition has been established

You can make this a secular exercise or a religious one and you can adapt it to the religion or social philosophy that you practice


Benefits of Transcendental Meditation and How to do TM
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  • blutwolfe
    Sounds a bit like Buddhism when I went to their services

    So how do I know if I'm doing it right, how long until positive effects happen?
  • I would doubt where your statistics have come from. Do you understand how cancer works?
  • tradizzle6971
    Teach me