13 Star Signs and 12 Ways to Reinvent Yourself - Bible / Religion Style

13 Star Signs and 12 Ways to Reinvent Yourself - Bible / Religion Style

Around 6 years ago NASA concluded there are actually 13 constellations and not 12 - the 13th constellation is a serpent and it is named Ophiuchus

This is why my title lists 13 star signs - the 13 star signs - by my own research symbols for these 13 elements of life - They are:

Aquarius - The beauty of Imagination
Pisces - The beauty of Friendship
Aries - The beauty of Generosity
Taurus - The beauty of Intelligence
Gemini - The beauty of Wisdom
Cancer - The beauty of Diversity
Leo - The beauty of Personal Expression
Virgo - The beauty of Social Society
Libra - The beauty of Self-Esteem
Scorpio - The beauty of Spirituality and Self Discipline
Ophiuchus - The beauty of Experience
Sagittarius - The beauty of Survival
Capricorn - The beauty of Industrious

13 Star Signs and 12 Ways to Reinvent Yourself - Bible / Religion Style

Now Here are the 12 Stones that allow you to reinvent your life they are (Based on Revelation 21)

Jasper = Diligence (Judah) // Leadership // Diligence
Sapphire = Ignorance (Zebulun) // Dreams // Add to your
Onyx = Reverence (Simeon & Levi) // Knowledge & Power // Faith
Emerald = Newness (Reuben) // Responsibility // Virtue
Sardonyx = Peacefulness (Gad) // Self-respect // Knowledge
Sardius = Honesty (Manasseh) // Forgiveness // Self Control
Chrysoprase = Sympathy (Ephraim) // Faithfulness // Patience
Topaz = Mercifulness (Benjamin) // Justice // Perseverance
Beryl = Tolerance (Asher) // Collectivism // Godliness
Chrysoprase = Meekness (Dan) // Self Sacrifice // Brotherly Kindness
Jacinth = Privacy (Naphtali) // Honourableness // Sisterly Kindness
Amethyst = Strength (Issachar) // Sobriety and Intercession // Love

13 Star Signs and 12 Ways to Reinvent Yourself - Bible / Religion Style
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  • Enochian
    I tried reinventing myself, but I don't think it's possible. I'm taurus and I always seem to nerd out every situation
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  • Jjpayne
    Very interesting!!! I never thought the stars and biblical truth could align like this 🤔
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  • sweet87
    NASA didn't discover a 13th starsign... It has always been there but was ignored as it did not fit in with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.
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  • MannMitAntworten
    Actually there is significantly more than 13. There are actually 88 constellations of the “Night Sky”.
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  • venomhbk1313
    I'm always willing to try and learn new things like that I read tarot cards myself and pendulum readings so I'm a Leo when I'm a fire sign
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    Where's Peridot? 😗
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    • These are the stones in the bible - not in folklore

    • In the middle ages, European emissaries brought back large quantities of peridot stones from their travels to foreign lands and decorated their churches and robes with them. One of these large peridot gems adorns the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the cathedral at Cologne, and for centuries was believed to be an emerald but has recently been identified as peridot. Peridot, also known to ancient Hebrews, is listed in the Bible as one of the stones used in Aaron's breastplate and as one of the layers in the foundation of the city of New Jerusalem.

      Peridot is not only terrestrial.

    • Well this is based on revelation 21 and my version uses Emerald instead of periodit