The most important and beneficial thing I learned all decade that helped me with my bible walk


This might not happen overnight but working towards this goal will make you feel much happier and make you a better person

Which we cannot do if we take rejection personally

And God requires with both courage and forgiveness in us

When I learned not to take rejection personally but to continue in my life as if my enemies were not even there it made accepting them and not hating them a lot easier

I tried to ruin the reputation of one of my church contacts because he slandered me and excluded me socially by turning people against me to punish me for refusing to date him

I kept wanting bad things to happen to my extended family because they thought I was a broke loser and would mock me and ignore me in my own home

I resented my dad for slandering me to everybody in site because I though my happiness was dependent on my reputation and status in my social context and my ability to influence people and be liked my others

I resented my mother a lot for refusing to love me because I believed for decades my happiness was dependent on my mother loving me and wanting to take care of and protect me

They would tell me all the time I was worthless I was stupid I couldn’t do anything right I didn’t matter I was ugly or fat or I was too embarrassing and obtuse in my social manners

And I realized around 97-99.9% of my problems came from the pain of being rejected by them

I had over a dozen mental health health problems when I was in high school from my abusive parents

The most important and beneficial thing I learned all decade that helped me with my bible walk
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  • Enochian
    Rejection is powerful. It can build character, but it can also destroy it. But in the end, it is us and only us that can decide what rejection can do to us.

    In my case I've been rejected numerous times. My own unemployed parents called me a disappointment, and yet here I am today, an engineer working towards a masters degree. There is a part of me that wants to go and ask them who the disappointment is now, but one of the things I learned from rejection, its that I am a better person than them. I don't need to tell them because deep down they see it and feel it
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  • venomhbk1313
    No one should have to go through what you went through and you have persevered and you are a very strong woman Bible or no Bible it took a lot to do that I'm proud of you
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  • lilyanony1
    All my life I was the golden child, the obedient child.
    The child that did no wrong. the child that was thoughtful and helpful.
    The child that was always there for you in your time of need.
    Then I got to adulthood an who I was was tested and challenged consistently with my acquaintances, colleagues, friends, partner and parents.
    I disowned my father after he lied about me, to my mum about something I over heard and the things I saw.
    At the time my mum was financially crashing trying to look after me at 17 with very little pay, the recession and my father's unemployment.
    But still he was able to go abroad for 2 months, to see his parents and cousin in two different countries.
    He made my life hell, coming in using all the electricity with the TV, laptop and the speakers on. In the day when he was supposed to be at work.
    I apparently was wasting it by having the bathroom light on whilst I picked out some clothes in my room for college.
    He was using and cheating on my mum financially and romantically.

    She believed me at that point but loved him more. So after I cut ties she started tearing me down.

    I will never forget about this and I have found it incredibly hard to forgive and trust them for the last 10 years of my life.

    I have lost so much confidence simply because my mum was and is still angry at me so she uses insidious microaggresions to undermine and bully me.

    If she looks back she'll realise she was the one making a fool if herself all these years and that's why she has no one anymore.

    As for Me, In an attempt to find love and compassion I looked and found it in all the wrong places.

    Friends marrying and squeezing me out as I just didn't fit that "picture" husband and kids.

    So I understand what it feels like to be subjected to other people's ridicule and aggressions.

    Always remain true to you. You deserve happiness love and respect.

    Rejection is part of life but hurting and punishing you continually is abuse.
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  • Jjpayne
    Struggle with rejection a lot currently especially with me not matching where my peers my age are currently at
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  • lucas262
    Laid awake the other night realizing in my life nearly ever single person that was supposed to have loved me the most has failed me some more so, but told God im not carrying it with me idc if what they did or rather didn't do I forgive them and I won't let their acts stop me from living my life happily but since I suffered and likely will so in the future because of things like abandonment or betrayal I won't forget

    Song he knows my name by Francesca battiselli had 1 line of lyrics that read ,, I don't need my name in lights, I'm famous in my father's eyes,, your priceless to your father in heaven, its important to forgive people that wrong you and love them anyway let God bring them their justice and convict them, thats the love Jesus loves us with undeserved but freely given.

    You gotta love yourself and just think about how much God loves you

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  • Rocco7070
    Im sorry these things happen, really, people can be such demons. My problem is that these absolutes about Jesus. I appreciate every sentence until he's mentioned the man was good, a good person who said he came to not change the law but to fullfill it, so if Jesus didn't change the law why is your sabbath changed to Sunday? Why do you be led blindly into blatantly rejecting one of the commandments. The sabbath was changed to Sunday by the aRoman Catholic Church at counsel off Trent in 1100s, why do you follow Catholicism if you denounce her in private, im not catholuc Im Jewish. Im sorry to get off suvject but you speak of Jesus then won't even follow the sabbath he kept. Otherwuse goodness helps us all, im happy when someones helped
  • scorpy04
    I have to Walsingham Visited Walsingham Visited the 7 stations of the cross