The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God

The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God

I’ve been researching an idea for months now at an scholastic level and for years at a professional level and for decades at an emotional level

The idea is positive psychology

When I was in university my dad tried to motivate me by telling me I was stupid and would starve to death if I did not study like my life depended on it

My fear of starvation led me into the best university in the country - but once I got in I did the bare minimum and flunked out

Reason being my dad motivated me with the fear of failing grades and not with the respect for high grades

My second time in university was different - at this point - I had been for 3-5 years studying a verse in Deuteronomy that said I was meant to be a leader and not a follower

I started off studying 40 hours a week part time and failing

but over time I improved

After 5 years in school I was getting perfect As without a single A- even while enrolled in school full time

And I went from getting failing grades at the beginning of my university career to getting high 90s and 100s on my essay assignments

This is the thing

If you want to focus on hell you will become more demonic because you are focused on the negative psychology of antis and disses and lessnesses

But if instead you focus on positive psychology - you getting straight As / you having more than one kid / you planting gardens / you adopting pets / you preparing meals for your friends / your kissing your nieces and nephews

Than not only will you escape hell

But you will go to heaven too

You cannot fear the love of God into a persons heart

Love comes by focusing on God and on serving the world and sometimes even on serving ourselves

The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God
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