The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God

The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God

I’ve been researching an idea for months now at an scholastic level and for years at a professional level and for decades at an emotional level

The idea is positive psychology

When I was in university my dad tried to motivate me by telling me I was stupid and would starve to death if I did not study like my life depended on it

My fear of starvation led me into the best university in the country - but once I got in I did the bare minimum and flunked out

Reason being my dad motivated me with the fear of failing grades and not with the respect for high grades

My second time in university was different - at this point - I had been for 3-5 years studying a verse in Deuteronomy that said I was meant to be a leader and not a follower

I started off studying 40 hours a week part time and failing

but over time I improved

After 5 years in school I was getting perfect As without a single A- even while enrolled in school full time

And I went from getting failing grades at the beginning of my university career to getting high 90s and 100s on my essay assignments

This is the thing

If you want to focus on hell you will become more demonic because you are focused on the negative psychology of antis and disses and lessnesses

But if instead you focus on positive psychology - you getting straight As / you having more than one kid / you planting gardens / you adopting pets / you preparing meals for your friends / your kissing your nieces and nephews

Than not only will you escape hell

But you will go to heaven too

You cannot fear the love of God into a persons heart

Love comes by focusing on God and on serving the world and sometimes even on serving ourselves

The Problem when the fear of God exceeds the love of God
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  • dubbed9323
    This only because god put this fear there to show his love like our human patents. He had to send his son to die for us so that we could make it heaven and not hell. He wants to see how good we can do in or lives. All it takes is faith in him.
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    • BucRed

      Who says it's fear? In my opinion the most high doesn't need fear. The problem is people only accept the words that pertain to them and what they like. If people do the knowledge they will be more scared than anything else they may feel about the most high. And I'm not using the word "god" for a reason, majority of the world don't even know that is part of satan real name but people gotta do they own research on a real private browser like duckduckgo you can't find real information on google or safari they censor it

  • ericclayton
    When scripture mentions "fear of God", it's referring to reverence, not fear in a literal sense.
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    • mfate76

      Thanks ericclayton I will look into that when i can open my eyes.
      The reality is horrific events are frequent occurrences in life a blend of pain and death. Can we deny excruciating pain? No we can't deny the discomfort and hell like experiences we humans confront.
      The horror of an AXE MURDERER or Shark ATTACK pain tears and grief.

      Now WHOS HAND IS THE DOMINION OF ALL THINGS? The QURAN in Chapter 55 is eloquently titled "THE DOMINION"

      What that reveals to me based on my understanding are the LORDS HANDS BLESSED AS THEY ARE can also carry within their GRASP "REALITIES of TORMENT"

      Overcoming the kindergarten of unrealistic expectations we are confronted with LORD ALL MIGHTY who can and does seriously HURT us if HE CHOOSES.

      Lets look at Covid 19 and the GRIP of GRIEVANCES that has morphed into

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  • triff
    God was very fearful through the first testament where he showed killed and was a bit to judgmental so he sent Jesus down and he said Dad calm it down we should be more about forgiving than just eliminating the problem Let's turn it a round private God behaviour forgive sin and offer love and so it was although Jesus did show his temper to during some palms
  • raven6933
    Never really understood the term "fear or God", he is to be loved not feared. And depending on your situation doing those things does not grant absolution in to heaven. "God forgives all sins" is a half truth. There is more to it than just confessing sins and asking for forgiveness. To get forgiveness you have to be within the exceptions otherwise you have a one straight up vertical climb with everything against you and no help.
  • jshm2
    You're confused.

    Psychology and spirituality are on very different levels and mindsets.

    Serial killers are very positive mindset people, but spiritually deficient.

    The point of fear of God is not similar to fear or phobia of people, failure as you have wrongly deduced. Instead it's a positive exhortation, similar to a fear an honest man has of ling or being dishonest. But that "love" of doing the right thing is also a part of the fear.
  • Rocco7070
    What your talking about here is your opinion only, God didn't create any hell to punish people, but believing that sure keeps millions of people in line, controllable by others. If it did you good thats great!
    • How would you know Hell doesn't exist?

    • Rocco7070

      Very complex, but why would any God make us, already knowing everything you'll do, putting instincts and moral obsticals, knowing you'll fall, then push your ass into some hell? Every God oriented religion teaches us God loves his creations, so that sort of cruel spirit would he be to throw people into fires? I am not very religuous but believe in a great power, have a lot of issues with his behavior too, allowing murders, hunger, horror, the Holocaust, children stolen for sex use, etc, and here's some kid whos hungry, maybe no home but a dick 2 ft long, or whatever, (or any girl) and someone gives them money to be in porno, their full, secure and warm, and their God ends up makeing them roast forever? Or some kid grabbed by sex ring devils, he eventually set one john on fire or shoots him, does the kid roast forever, it just makes no sense. Just what I believe, maybe we just evolved, but I doubt it, a fish can lay on a beach for a billion years and will rapidlr rot, not turn into a snake! i dont

    • It is still the person's fault. God can't be blamed if a person used their free will for evil.

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  • YungWarthog
    Too many people are tought to be afraid of God. It's an easy way to keep people behaving they way you want. God doesn't want a bunch of good little boys and girls who always do what they are told, he wants people who love him, yet preachers and parents continue to teach "obey god or die" constantly. This is so harmful for children's psychological and spiritual development and I think is the reason why young people leave the church so much. People didn't join the early church because they didn't want to go to hell. They joined it because they were amazed at God's radical love.
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  • BucRed
    There is no problem when fear exceeds the love the fear means you getting the truth and if you only go half way into the truth you may as well not believe anything your parents told you or that you read in the new age books that are missing so many parts.
  • SPARKY182
    I honestly believe that if u are a good soul with a good heart and never do bad things or destroy people lives or anyone 4 that matter well u should have nothing to worry about ! As j see it god wishes only the best for everyone and loves unconditional u sould only fear god if your bad
    You just explained why I am not a God fearing person. I do not fear God. God does not want us to fear him but to come to him when we are ready. He comes to us in Love and compassion.
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  • bpowel
    Honestly I believe that having faith in a religion like christianity all comes down to some sort of fear. It's either fear of hell, fear of not seeing passed loved ones again, fear of the unknowns of current science, or fear that we all only have a brief moment of time to exist. It's all about humans inability to "defeat" time. That's why infinite time is literally the reward that god gives you. For me personally, this deep seeded fear of our mortality is a fatal flaw for almost all religion. The only "religion" I follow is psychology. Bc at least it attempts to solve problems with science instead of with blind faith and fear.
  • genericname85
    easy solution: don't believe in god and you have nothing to worry about.
  • mfate76
    Quran Chapter 2 Verse 2:


    Immediately at almost the commencement of an 800 page Islamic Doctrine we are told that the persons who will benefit with guidance by devotion to Quran GLORY are the "GOD FEARING" or "PIOUS".

    FEAR OF LORD UNSEEN what does that entail? And then the next question is; why does the UNIVERSAL LAW MAKER (10 COMMANDMENTS) recommend for humanity that we adopt the lifestyle that demonstrates FEAR in LORD ALL MIGHTY? Then on the CONTRARY we as humans can undertake and execute behaving outputs that when compared to the expectations of LORD ALL MIGHTY GLORY fail miserably and fall into the category of disobedience.
    • mfate76

      And truly now what are the chances of defeating the SHARP ODDS against us that parade as PLEASURES and JOYS especially those of SEXUALLY EXPLICIT or SEXUALLY FUELLED DESIRES?
      I mean what's the chances of humanity resisting the temptations of sexual JOY outside of wedlock? Think about that carefully and myself being the opposite to the illustrious female gender will testify the contours of the female composition are mouth watering.

      Now it wasn't me who designed, fashioned and breathed life of beautiful brilliance into the woman to unleash her sexy devine presence on Earth, the ONE WHOM STANDS CHARGED WITH SEDUCTIVE UNFAIRNESS is none other than the LORD ALL MIGHTY GLORIOUS HIMSELF.

    • I know atheists who wait until marriage for sex - it’s not a temptation for everybody and I’m talking about atheist men, not woman.

  • Cryptic-Game
    I agree. There is righteous fear and unrighteous fear of God and we all need to have a love for God.
  • Jjpayne
    Perfect love casts out all fear :)
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  • jajdevon
    What a load of absolute drivel...
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