What the Torah says about the fear of God

What the Torah says about the fear of God

The Old Testament gives a series of unique applications for the fear of God

1 - It suggests choosing morals and duties over desires and interests showcase your fear of God

2 - It says refusing to harm children shows your fear of God

3 - It says refusing to bait weak people into sin with controversial statements is a sign you fear God

4 - It says refusing to take advantage of your superior position over others is a sign you fear God

5 - It says acknowledging God’s values and showing inclusivity towards others show you fear God

6 - It says refusing to think or assume evil about others without evidence shows you fear God

7 - It says that addressing the needs of your loved ones and your social position show you fear God

8 - It says submission to God’s social perimeters and neighbourly moral boundaries show you fear God

9 - It says a refusal to be fake or disloyal is a sign you fear God

10 - It says refusing to let bias contaminate your vision is a sign you fear God

11 - It says loyalty to ideas and spiritual principle shows you fear God

12 - It says acknowledgement of God’s power and ability to intervene shows you fear God

13 - It says humanitarian care for others and a desire to reduce human suffering shows you fear God

What the Torah says about the fear of God
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    Which God?
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    • I’m a Christian and I read not the Christian bible and the Christian version of the Jewish bible.

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