The Enemy of Ego // A Brief Religious Analysis

The Enemy of Ego // A Brief Religious Analysis

Yesterday I was trying to crush garlic in the garlic presser but due to some bizarre genetic mutation, the cloves were 4-7 times their regular size because they didn’t separate into their distinct compartments like ordinary garlic bulbs, meaning they were harder to crush because they fit evenly into the crush all around meaning their was the typical pressing of my thumb pressure but the pull of unequal gravity from different ends of the crusher were no existent. It would not crush out of the crusher the way garlic normally did and required much more force than regular garlic.

In the same way, until you give up your ego and the bitterness and stubbornness that comes from it, you will be a stumbling block both to yourself and others because you will be incapable of contorting your emotional and psychological make up to meet the demands of repentance and evolving moral dialogue and due to your vapid self-servitude you will also rule out the refreshing novelty that comes with being exposed to the insight of God.

I said in another my take that you cannot use the carnal consciousness to fight the carnal consciousness

When you surrender your ego by driving it out systematically or all at once, the spiritual conscience enters your soul and that spiritual consciousness is able to drive out the carnal consciousness which is the carnal heart and the carnal seed which is the carnal ego

Once the ego is driven out by meditating and training our all the bias and luxurious self gratification, you can awake the memory sponge that ceaselessly soaks up the knowledge and power of God

The Enemy of Ego // A Brief Religious Analysis
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  • Tormentarian
    Haha I finished reading this book a month ago. Ego is your real enemy in life. It is amazing how people ruin their lives because of it.
    You wanna be in the present and deal with things then and then. Opposite of that is fantasy of ego that comes from little triumphs which are not worth to celebrate.
    Best thing one could say to themselves is that they don't know anything.
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  • Nephilim000
    Not bad. Unfortunately this sort of thing goes right over the head of the vast majority of the people who need to hear it. And usually only invites some sort of drama. Even among so many of the faithful the ego thrives and is even fed ad cultivated. Hang in there
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  • Regmorus
    Aha. Drive out Ego completely and you have destroyed all striving and pursuing. Of anything. Selflessness separates you from world of things. The more selflessness the larger the gap. A golden middle has to be found.

    One should fight ego when it is wrong but never let it die much less drive it out or cause it's death.

    To drive it out once in your life is an easy way though wrong. To have it and to be ready to fight it permanently is more difficult I understand.
    • Regmorus

      But well to be fair. Your words taken together with your actions probably have exactly the right meaning in the context of your life though you might think about driving ego out completely.

      But for some it can be crucial to consider what it means to drive it out.

    • I believe since I’m a Christian that God can give you a divine spiritual identity to replace the ego you lost and also that ego can transform into dignity without pomp - also you can operate out of humility and not materialistic ambition not some of the time but all of the time

    • Regmorus

      It could be the truth, I can't know. Let's assume it is. Don't you think that in pursuits of your carrier or self-education operating out of humility will mean you will always do exactly what is enough and nothing more, in other words you won't have the wish to ascend, not even to compete (in healthy fashion) especially when it is all of the time?

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  • Erobos412
    The human is a ball of "aler egos" sub personalities that are built up by the "Other" ( forces externally from culture, religiona, family friends , teachers)

    The habits you have and do in everyday life fertilize these aler egos and they are affected by the other as well. (Alter egos being your potential versions of your self)

    When an alter ego reach critical mass it becomes your ego in here now and the present.

    The trick is to keep your alter egos cultivated to the critical mass point so you can shift between different perspectives and be flexible in how you see and solve problems in everyday life.

    By doing this you create an super spiritual ego that transcends you to a new level that you touches but never fully enters as you return back to the lower level. And is forces to live shit eat like everyone else.

    If you end up stuck in one single inflexible ego you get miserable and stagnate and opportunities will pass you by without you noticing them nor will you be able to appriciate what you have.
    • Erobos412

      at least that my take away after reading the book

  • jack187625
    Religion is an ego. Surely the constant baiting of other religions, huge amounts of wars thought over religion and the self importance of most people (especially clergy) inside a religion.

    People who quote Bible verses as if trying to prove they are better than you, because they know the Bible better. People who say that you are going to hell but they are going to heaven, is that not hugely egotistical?
    • I don’t do it for an ego boost - just want to share my experience with people who don’t have time to do the research and bible homework I did because their lives are busier than mine

    • jack187625

      And do you quote the Bible to people who don't follow your religion?

    • samuel665

      Nobody knows about the judgment for your life but only God knows, the Holy Bible guides you on how to be positive and live according to God's will so that anyone would live peacefully. The Holy Bible isn't something you read and finish and God is not going to ask you everything about it but he'll see what you have done wrong, for instance, the Bible warns us not to steal so you have to obey for what's written in the Bible. It's not by reading and finishing the Bible that you are a perfect Christian and the one who go to heaven but it's about obeying Gods words...

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  • Ineedmoneynow
    Let the that is without sin throw the first stone. Lets just hope that all us thives of harts keep our simplicity. It is not ego when you know you are the king of your people & you try to sooth souls for a living especially when you know your people just wanna bump rush the sweendling lier I mean leader. The country has been phycologicaly sieged. & at the end of all the smoke we will see if there is any onor among thieves.
  • stuntbrain
    This analogy makes me wonder if ego is what kept you from cutting the garlic cloves to fit inside the press. Oftentimes, our stubborn beliefs interfere with adopting new, rational comprehension
  • allenwants2
    Wow that. Was heavy