Jesus on money or God as competing value systems

Jesus on money or God as competing value systems

Jesus said you cannot serve both money and God

This has different connotations

One is that the competition to obtain money will make you hostile in disposition both to those who have achieved more than you and to those who have achieved less than you

Your value system will be corrupted if you worship or serve money ahead of God - you will lose respect for humanitarians or solders or low grade nurses who spend their lives helping others but make very little

You will oppose welfare reform to help those in America who are starving or hungry

You will support callous policies that harm others because it lowers your taxes

You will view disabled people and sick people and old people as unnecessary and annoying burdens to society rather than viewing them with the mercy and adoration that Jesus had for them

You will oppose the goodness of God because it favours the weak and down trodden and not the beautiful and elite rich

Many rich people become abusive because they equate value with money rather than equating value with dignity and hard work and humility and sacrifice and respect and virtue and kindness and compassion so they end up objectifying people by material and visual standards rather than appreciating them for who they are inside

Money also enables people to choose hedonistic pleasure over eudaemonic pleasure leading to a life of vanity and meaninglessness and selfishness where nothing is significant or real or revitalizing or life changing

Money also leads to deceit when you end up practicing dishonesty first by lying to yourself about who you are and than lying to others about who you are and than lying to yourself about who they are and than lying to others about who they are and than lying to yourself about what life is and than lying to yourself about who God is

In conclusion it is important both to give and to appreciate others and to practice asceticism to avoid the love of money

Jesus on money or God as competing value systems
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  • It's good to have a healthy view of money. As its not money that is evil but the love of money that is the root of all evil. So you have to learn to be a good steward of the money you are given
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    XD most of us ain't livin lavish enough for all that
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  • Gedaria
    Why do make everything so complicated.
    All it means is split loyalty.
    If you are spending all your time earning money to the extreme.
    You will neglect your worship to God.
  • dreamstar72
    Really money back then was not that big of deal, maybe only little for some food clothing sleeping about it. Today totally different
  • Jackblue
    Actually the Pharisees for the most part gave away their money and lived ascetic lifestyles. Why do you think Jesus still accused them of serving Mammon?
  • hahahmm
    God never mandated that governments have to provide welfare. Only the church was supposed to do it & only for orphans and widows. And only if you were a church member. This was back when 99.99% of women didn’t have a good paying career potential. I imagine today’s feminist woman would be in the same boat as men: “if a man does mot work then neither shall he eat”.

    No welfare for single moms.
    No welfare for college students.

    Now the bible also says people are free to form governments so if you want to vote for welfare that’s your right. But don’t act like it’s God needs/wants you to vote for it. Maybe if the billions & billions of dollars churches make webt into helping people...
  • zagor
    Ha ha! Once again I could tell this was your post solely by the title.
  • You are exactly correct. Money definitely corrupts people's minds and people are jealous when others make more money.
  • SexyAshh
    Money because i dont onow if i believe in god
  • knight2468
    In the end u can make a lot of money and serve God
  • Anonymous
    All religions is nonsense.