Understanding two money parables in the bible

Understanding two money parables in the bible

Jesus gave many parables on money

In one story, a man gave his servants smaller units of money and left for a temporary trip away

Before leaving he gives each servant the same unit of money

One servant multiplies the investment ten times over, another five times and the last hid the money and did nothing with it

This is a parable about knowledge. When you first begin your religious walk, you are given a little bit of knowledge, some will multiply what they know with diligent pursuit while others will fail to use even what they knew in the beginning

In the second story, people are given larger units of money and the amount given varies from one person to another.

The person with higher gifts earns more money than the person with average gifts and the person with the smallest gift doesn’t earn any money at all and loses even the gift he was given.

The talents in this parable represent people and love and societal transformation. One person had a lot of love and spread a lot of love in the world. Another person had a moderate amount of love and spread a moderate amount of love into the world. The third person has very little love and refuses to spread it and even the love he started out with was taken from him.

So multiply your knowledge

And spread the knowledge of godliness

Those are two things that will increase your value both to God and to human beings and also to yourself and your family

Understanding two money parables in the bible
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