Revisiting the idea of Money verses God in the Bible

Revisiting the idea of Money verses God in the Bible

I come from a very successful extended family full of rich people with above average income and high i.q. And education

And all of my dads friends are equally rich and educated except for maybe 0.5% of his friends

And all the rich in our household have been corrupted by their wealth

My Pennsylvania cousin is a pathological liar who slanders people as easily as a normal person drinks water and doesn’t have a genuine bone in her body

My Oakville cousin cheats on all his girlfriends and is so stingy he won’t even buy his dad a small coffee from Tim Hortons even though his dad took care of him for 40 years and bought him a million dollar home

My cousin in Mississauga makes fun of a family member who had brain cancer cause the person is neither beautiful or rich after being medicated for a decade on drugs designed to save their life

My cousin in China has made tens of millions teaching about Buddhism and drives a large Lexus car but she is a fraud - she ignores poor people and ugly people and only pretends to acknowledge them when she is being watched by somebody with money and power

My parents denied me medical treatment when I had anorexia and diabetes at the age of 9 cause my mother was jealous of me and wanted me to suffer - she also tried to murder me with poison when I was in my early 20s

My dad screams at my mother everyday and tells her she is a stupid piece of trash and threatens to hit her too because my mother has Alzheimer’s and tends to forget things and my dad hates stupid people and believes they deserved to be tortured to death

My aunts both make fun of poor people - one mocked an uneducated farmer who did manual labour for 14 hours a day saying he was a pretentious loser who had the arrogance to pretend that he had knowledge because he never had the opportunity to go to college since he was busy trying to support his family

Revisiting the idea of Money verses God in the Bible
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  • MecheD

    Wow... first off I’m sorry it is amazing how evil it sounds. I don’t want to spend all this time saying I’m sorry so I’ll just tell you this. With all that is wicked comes a ray of hope with that being said thank you for showering such a bright light on what most would say is dim you’re a blessing.

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  • Jjpayne

    I'm sorry to hear that your family is like that... Please be an example and bring your family name some honor by inspiring a better new generation of your family

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    oh my lawwwd... i'm sorry about your strange mother and father...
    Q - Q and i identify with the farmer in this story... ...
    LAWD WAHT A TRAINWRECK OF A FAMILY... i'm srry for this, bloom

  • captain_voidwalker

    I view money like a tool, it's how it is used that makes it good or evil.

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  • zagor

    Wow, what a vile family. I don't think I'll be asking for your number...

  • DaMack999

    Instead of trashing your family. Why not have face to face talk and deal with these issues.

  • igormayer

    Yes is True