Understanding the classical dichotomy in Matthew 6:24 - God vs. Cash

Understanding the classical dichotomy in Matthew 6:24 - God vs. Cash

Jesus said you can't serve both God and money

One of the reasons I left my old church was due to the lavish spending of the pastor. Every week he would host a bible study at his house and serve all kinds of expensive food. Every week after a bible study at church - we would eat at an expensive restaurant. The pastor also would not make me a member after I had been there for around a year cause I was paying off student loans at the time and did not have money for a tithe and the pastor did not invite me to barbecues at the church cause I did not tithe.

You see - its impossible for somebody to lose weight if they like eating chocolate cheese cake every other day.

Likewise an athlete can't build muscle if his favourite hobby is watching t.v. on the couch

And a parent cannot raise good children if he doesn't spend time cleaning their diapers and changing their bed sheets and driving their kids to school or karate lessons.

And a religious person cannot be a good person if they do not work on improving either themselves or the lives of those around them.

Many celebrities have been on t.v. shows where they have to choose between love and money

So I'm suggesting here a new dichotomy - not one of love or money - not one of God or money - but one of pleasure or money.

The richest people are the ones too busy earning to spend their income on fun things.

The poorest people are the ones too busy having fun to work and be productive at earning things that can enable them to enjoy their lives.

The idea here is you are either productive and hard working or you are lazy and losing ground.

Even though I'm no longer working because of CoVid I'm still working on my books and doing research for it - cause without work - I feel bored and depressed.

Understanding the classical dichotomy in Matthew 6:24 - God vs. Cash
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  • Anonymous
    I agree, I feel everything requires balance. The Bible also said it’s not good to be lazy, and that life is set up so we got to work or else we suffer the consequences of being lazy
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  • Branden315
    You were right to leave that church, it always ruffles my feathers to hear/see people acting like christianity is a country club
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  • Remind me how many billions the church has again? Or how much tv preachers get from people dialing in. donations?
    Wealth is good when there is no sin; but poverty is evil by the standards of the proud. (Sirach 13:23)
    • The second biggest land owner in the world, after McDonald's

  • JDavid25
    Nicely written mytake.. But I don't know if it ultimately stuck to the point.. I know that this was about money, and you takin a into look into the verse about serving God and money.. But then you end with people bein lazy and not earnin money.. As soon as you threw out the part about the Church, it kina seem to have lost Its focus.. But, I really liked the start of about ththe pastor.. He ain't doin God's work.. Tithes are supposed to be donations.. But weekly payments to the church..
  • tUCK_Frump
    Your pastor has lost his way. Your tithe is what you should be able to afford, not what others think you should afford. Tithe isn't a membership, it supports the church body (members) and church acts (charity, food drives, Bibles for those that need the word, etc.).
    I would ask how much money you make because people who make a lot actually really enjoy their careers. It isn't work for them and they'd go nuts without it in some cases. That's the thing people with lower net worth's don't understand. But yes experiences such be the most valued things in my opinion.
  • Liam_Hayden
    The key is in not SERVING two masters. Even Jesus did not tell every wealthy person to give everything away, but he did say that to the rich t\young ruler. Why? Because if we read the account, it is clear that the young man was self-righteous and at his core worshiped his wealth, not God.
  • Skadouchebag
    Amen, sister! it's also worth noting that every dollar one spends on useless junk that they don't need, like a selfie stick or whatever, is a dollar that the could've given to a charity.
  • CashMoneyElias
    The same people who made the system and money are the people that wrote the Bible, Qur'an and other religious books. You're believing in the very thing they want you to ;)
  • reptocarl2
    A further meaning goes back to one of the Ten Commandments. You will not have any other God before me. Money can be a god if you value it more than the Lord. Many do
  • yenofed840
    it is shows no one wants true love. 99% people run after money. people leaves their partners for money than staying with true love.
  • If money doesn't serve YOU for the purposes of faith and kindness - you are not doing something right.
  • Agreed, a healthy church has a healthy view on giving.
  • DavidHart
    Common issues everywhere nowadays.
    i hope people can control themselves by spending wisely.
  • But what evidence do you have that there is a god who gives a shot?
  • Meatboy02
    No comment because I don't personally believe in God
  • Yes. Some pastors are sadly only in it for the money. Your ex pastor likely was not leading the best example by going after such expensive food.
  • robertKugler
    That is one of the hypocracies of evangelistic faith.. n what turns people off.. religion it's not to say that one can not be prosperous, n what that is, one selfdefines... but money comes invisible demons greed envy which always overtakes.. the wealth of religion could pay for health care and eliminate homeless.. but instead perpetuates it by backing causes of those who put large dollars in collection plates for tax reciepts.. fundamental principal s ingnored no surprise God will is not sitting well with more and more people.. god is weak and unjust like men who r appointing themselves then what the point.. God is a great way to poverty or to rich just pretend your him and do what ever u what
  • jimmy2
    No its the love of money againt the love of the real God
  • I beg to differ, I am a former Christian, now agnostic. First of all, I have nothing against you. I read your other posts and you're a smart woman. This post seems like something I would have posted a year ago.

    The bible has terrible advice to offer when it comes to money.
    Money and love are equally important. It's like asking what is more important, your arm or your leg? Maybe both are important.

    You cannot survive without money, you payed your internet bill with money. You cannot deposit love or religiousness in a bank account and the bible does not put food on the table.

    The church however, and most pastors are pretty damn rich. Why? Because they are the deceivers not the deceived.
    The pope lives a luxury life, but this is not only something in the catholic church. I've seen it with protestants and orthodoxs too.

    Also, how does being poor help poor people? Wouldn't it be easier to help them if you were already rich?
  • Bshu2jdbxb
    I m whole for god
    i see, this makes sense...
  • asshole_
    God may or may not exist
  • Anonymous
    "The poorest people are the ones too busy having fun to work"

    Yeah, that's immediately what I think when I see the poor and the beggars. Look at them lucky bastards, having all the fun...

    You are one sick sick bastard.
  • Anonymous
    If your pastor worshipped money more than you, he wasn't a good Christian. Maybe you should find some fellowship among Christians where people aren't judged on their money, or lack thereof. And you can still be "productive," as you define the term. It will be like having the best of both worlds.