The Three Fold way to reverse even very extreme depression - bible talk

The Three Fold way to reverse even very extreme depression - bible talk

A Buddhist named Jay Santi wrote a book called “The giving way to happiness”

In one section of the book she discusses three things that have been effective even in reversing even the most stubborn of all depressive episodes

They are spirituality and work and altruism

I will repurpose the terms ti mean

1 - Worship towards God reverses depression

2 - Sacrifice reverses depression

3 - Compassion reverses depression

4 - You must combine the three together!

The Three Fold way to reverse even very extreme depression - bible talk
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  • Edanurus
    This is all well and good but it's also the way cults work.

    The only difference is the tenants of your belief and who you worship. God is all well and good but it depends on what god.
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  • Jjpayne
    That sounds great to me! And I'm pretty sure that's right!
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  • glutton4punishment
    Why does the worshipping of a god need to take place, in order for the other 3 things to have an effect?

    They told us that same grim message in re-hab, as do they to the people in A. A., as well. All a part of those wonderful "12-steps to recovery", everyone hears so much about.. or more then likely, not enough about.

    Where in order to graduate the program, assuming you were court ordered to be there, anyway... you would (have) to complete these ridiculously stupid, let alone detrimental to anyone's (actual) recovery, "steps".. that step on everyone's civil liberties.

    One such step, very early on being that you're (required) to admit your "powerless" over drugs and alcohol. With that premise in mind, you then (have) to give yourself over to a "higher-power".. to let whatever that is, sort things out for ya, instead. Since your nothing more then a powerless bystandard, to your own life and all.

    When I asked the faith-based organization that ran the place, what a higher power was, if not "god"... they said, it's any power greater then yourself. To where I said, OH.. so ya mean it's god, then? No, no, no... yes, yes, yes.

    Til the counselor said, in what I'd have to believe was frustration.. or I'd (rather) believe it was, as opposed to the alternative, anyway... that the empty chair in front of me at the time, could be my higher power... if I wanted it to be.

    So I asked him, if I gave myself over to this chair... what do ya suppose would happen? Course with his not daring to venture a guess, I answered it for him... just as with god, I would be dead of starvation. Having waited for it to "guide me" and all.

    So I guess it's "lucky" for me I wasn't ordered to be there, as my powerless ass, managed to walk through those doors all on my own. Which is why (I) take credit for everything I do in life, rather then having it taken away by a god who may as well just lived my life, then lend me this soul. But hey, that's just me I guess.
  • ttnnkkrr
    this may be true for feeling bad. but clinical major depressive disorder including not actually being able to experience certain emotions ( some not most or all ) are not subject to lifestyle changes. for example. im not capable of anticipation or anxiousness. lots of great things in my life and i would really have to work at finding anything bad. no anxiety or major issues. but if wife said your gonna get a bj tonight which i love. i simply feel nothing. untill it happens. like so nothing that untill it started i might even forget about it while going to bed n just fall asleep. can you imagine driving to your kids graduation or getting a big raise or winning a prise and never feeling or even giving it a thought? this too is depression. in my case beleived to be the result of hard wired emotional conditioning from years of childhood trauma. a medical procedure known as tms seems to be offering the only correction i have found and i have practiced meditation most of my life.

    there are issues that simply cannot be solved with reasoning or even drugs. i actually have to get the damaged neuro pathways disconnected
  • havingfun101
    Various folds < exercising
  • Anonymous
    Oh for fuck sake.
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  • Anonymous
    Of course to receive psychological treatment.
    you are very relugious