This fixes your attractiveness better than perfume! Bible talk

This fixes your attractiveness better than perfume! Bible talk

The bible says that a good name is better than perfume

And that by this ALL men will know you are His disciples, if you have love for one another

I don’t remember who said it but somebody told me that love is a verb

How do you show this love for others

1 - Support // emotional / conversational / psychological / manual

2 - Encouragement // building trust / building confidence / building happiness / building peace

3 - Understanding // ability to comprehend / ability to care / ability to protect / ability to have pure motives

4 - Acceptance // ability to include / ability to embrace / ability to accept anonymity / ability to think positively of others

Do this and EVERYBODY will like you and trust you and have good things to say about you

This fixes your attractiveness better than perfume! Bible talk
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  • Jjpayne
    These are very good words that every one should hear. If a very attractive women did none of these things and a very basic women did, I would choose her in a heartbeat
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  • collie22
    working my way through my KJ Bible
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  • TheLawAroundHere
    Eh... i dont know about all that. While i dont think there is a tried and true method of getting people on your side, id put money on there being a way to make sure everyone that does "this" has nothing but enemies.
  • navyrobin
    You don’t need everybody to like you in the first place. Then you’d be a people pleaser with no solid identity.
  • David92506
    Can God make a rock so huge that he/she is unable to move it?
  • OddBeMe
    Sounds like you’re selling on Home Shopping Network. The Bible isn’t the best place for you feel better about yourself.
  • themythos
    Attractiveness is inside and out.. perfume makeup and exercise all help as well. Unless you like being the nice but ugly friend.
    • @themythos
      Are you saying that if a woman goes without make doesn't exercise or if she does not much she is ugly?

    • themythos

      Not at all. "Perfume makeup and exercise all >>help<<" meaning you will usually be more attractive with them. Goes without saying that there's natural beauties out there.

    • themythos