Why Pessimism is a Sin - Bible talk

Why Pessimism is a Sin - Bible talk

The bible says

To be joyful always

To pray continually

To give thanks in all circumstances

And that this is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus

So we must plan what is good

love what is just

and acknowledge what is God’s work

To fulfill the requirement

When a farmer sows his seed

He is not focused on how much he hates digging or how barren and ugly and tiring the landscape is

If he cared about that he would never choose to be a farmer in the first place

The farmer is imagining the crops he will harvest

The animals and fences he will be able to buy

The family and children he will be able to provide for

And the people he will be able to feed

The self survival it will create

So we must think about the reward of our output

The joy that comes from doing good

The relationships we will be able to build

The people we will be able to help

And the hope that it provides

You must serve God with a smile knowing God’s kingdom is greater than human kingdoms

And you must delight and desire God

in the same way children desire to sit in their daddy’s lap

God is a father who loves his children and not an angry supervisor who is desperate for employees

Why Pessimism is a Sin - Bible talk
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  • I think being active is a good goal to have and I love using joy as a picture! :)
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  • jimmy2
    It we reap what we sow
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  • RawIronhide
    So it's very important to know how to focus on future positive outcomes and disregard current hardship. however life is not always so kind, sometimes there's negative aspects about the future that presents themselves as problems to be solved in the present. I think it's a sin to be pessimistic all the time, but I also believe it's a sin to be optimistic all the time, you must be sceptical sometimes. you should learn to see things from both perspectives, to put all your eggs into one ideological basket is a sin, of course to "sin" means to "miss the mark" not as in evil.
  • ProfessionalMusician
    To second guess anything is not good for you and me, we will have to do something better than that. Not guess at all is best, but know how to think about everything in perspective.
  • ovixs90
    Good words
  • Pessimism is just being a realist.
  • Anonymous
    Pessimism isn't a sin. It just doesn't help anyone do anything, ever. Therefore being pessimistic is unwise and unproductive. But it's still not a sin