How God works and why religion benefits

How God works and why religion benefits

I notice this pattern over and over again. This is how God operates.

Where I live in Canada the country has gone into debt paying newly jobless people who are not working because of CoVid lay offs.

But a gold mine has recently been discovered in Canada which could cover a huge chunk of our expenses as a nation. Canada has 20% of all the worlds fresh water so decades from now we could become rich selling out water. God gave us a solution to our financial crises.

In America the country has over one third of the country facing possible eviction because of CoVid economic claw backs but America is reclaiming its media for God. Kanye West and Justin Bieber have Christianized their music. Rappers are decreasing in influence.

in my life as a child I had anorexia and diabetes which my parents refused to provide me medical treatment for cause my mother was jealous of me and wanted me to suffer but the year I got cancer God cured me from anorexia and diabetes and two years later the doctors discovered my cancer had gone into remission.

What I’m saying is there are many times where God does not act when things are bad but when things get very bad God acts

In the same way that God allowed Jesus to die but would not let Jesus stay buried in the ground.

So don’t despair when things go from grey to pitch black - it is usually in the pitch blackness that God begins to move.

How God works and why religion benefits
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree! God moves at the right time. It might not always be the time we want or the time we expect. But for better or worse he has mysterious ways
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO 😊

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  • SoapySandwich
    God really does amazing stuff! I just wish he would pull through for the rest of the world that's starving, dying and suffering. Why god seems to neglect the poor? Just another one of his mysterious ways.

    Sorry maybe I expect too much, he's just one god after all, can't expect miracles when he's too busy saving someone privileged.
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  • slatyb
    "America is reclaiming its media for God."

    This is a Christian fantasy. America is becoming less religious by the minute. Almost all popular culture is secular -- popular music, television, film, and literature. Christian music is a tiny part of the music market. AFAIK there have been no Christian-themed films in wide release this century, unless you count Mel Gibson's torture porn "The Passion of Christ".
  • 9Livezzz
    Have you heard what the whistleblower has said that works under the prime minister of Canada? Things are about to get very dark very soon. This is the first time I've actually felt nervous through this whole thing. I don't think most people realize what we all are about to face in about a month from now 😬
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  • Snickermarstwix
    God is a business man who's blind when it comes to Africa 👀
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  • KerubysiO
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