A Message God spoke to me in a dream

A Message God spoke to me in a dream

I had a dream years ago

In my dream I had all the money I could ever dream about

And every man that I was interested in was also interested in me

But I was miserable

So miserable that I wanted to kill myself

And than I gave away my money and I was happy again

My parents are fairly well off and they are miserable - dad is depressed constantly - mother is depressed constantly - I get unhappy having to live with them

The happiest time in my life was the time before my parents got into their high paying jobs when my mother was still poor and humble

Today I came up with a money making idea that can net me an income of around $80,000 a year and all of a sudden I was miserable

I realized that until I learn to serve God and not myself with my time and energy and gifts, money will not make me happy and might make me miserable

My situation is not unique

My cousin was very wealthy and attempted suicide and had mental disorders growing up cause she was concerned about her social status

My other cousin was rich and his life was more complicated than rocket science cause he was obsessed with how others would view him and the dangers they poised

i knew a rich millionaire Jew who was taking medicine for depression despite good looks and amazing friends and the ability to buy and eat whatever he wanted - he was miserable

It is meaning and variety and sacrifice that brings happiness

Not having that will take away your bliss and no amount of money will change that

A Message God spoke to me in a dream
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  • Jjpayne
    I totally agree with that! Money is not everything. It at least can't be the focus. It can give you a feeling of comfort and security but that's it. You use both of those feelings to move forward and let the focus be on other meaningful things.

    I'd like to give you a challenge, what some things a rich person can do to still live a full and satisfying life?
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your very interesting MyTake it written so well 😇👼🙏👍
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  • 4You__
    Maybe you need your family by your side .. I think everyone gets lonely especially after they’ve achieved stability (bc supposedly money is supposed to make you feel happy) and it makes u realize that there’s more to life than just having things like I don't know you feel a hole in your heart somethings missing... I don’t know but everyone who reached great lengths and had success in my opinion end up depressed because they realize they still don’t have genuine love or genuine caring people.. yeah they might have friends, fans, riches but... at the end of the day it’s just them... and who r they going to share that happiness with? ... my parents work their asses off and have good money and I’m an only child they don’t get along and we’re a broken family so what good is that to us? They said they want me to have everything they didn’t when they were little but in reality I grew up miserable because where the heck were they growing up? ... I felt lonely and depressed... When my parents worked less and we actually spent time together as a family that’s when I felt complete.. people just don’t know the meaning of love now a days and don’t know how to appreciate the things that truly matter
  • Enochian
    I don’t think you should put too much trust in this dream except the part where you gave away everything. I know poor people who are just as depressed. What I think it means is that you should help people. Even the littlest things go a long way to putting a smile on someone’s face
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  • JackSmy
    I am not sure that I agree with all that you say, but I understand the intent. I have been poor, during a long part of my life! I could barely afford college, and on loans and grants, alone.
    Now that I am making an almost adequate living, I have some money to spare for some charities, supporting some children, and helping them.
    Having some money, is not bad, if you use it to help others. . .
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  • Primrose21
    Money is not the root of evil. But Greed is.
    I don't see anything wrong on being rich. Even Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, God blessed them to be wealthy. When you get wealthy u can take it as an opportunity to help other people in need. Plus I think your observations with your parents situations just got with your head. As long as the business idea makes you happy then do it.
  • Larson7
    I think its really cool that you are faithful to the King of Kings. 😇
    I love God I love the Lord and I consider myself to be a Christian but it's just some things in my life that don't line up that at all sometimes. Some things that may have a default to a very bad part of hell. But I need to work those things out obviously. I don't just don't feel too comfortable on your question , think I'll make a post maybe
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  • LivingExample
    Any Message from God must coincide with the Word of God or the Bible. Unfortunately the church has led me to believe God wants His Children rich. God Top Priority is Character. If money was so Great millionaire would not kill themselves in mansions. Having a Relationship with God through the Holy Spirit is how people get to Character.
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Money is necessity that's it but it can't gaurentee hapiness for gaining a certain thing you would definetly loose or have to sacrifice something else like time, emotions feelings.
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  • Anguiano2323
    @enochain I agree I mean when someone is Poor their not happy because of their financial situation when they get money theirs always something missing I mean if anything find-something your passionate about and follow that. find those that genuinely care about you. Many millionaires find a hobbies such as raising more money to help the 3rd world out, those that literally have nothing not even clean water and help provide for what is missing in their life creating opportunities for them. Perhaps you can start their giving back is always a good thing, I’m not religious, but many religions are based on some foundation of compassion if you compare them it’s at the core. Sometimes your subconscious is making sense of the world around you in REM sleep, I looked it up on YouTube and there are various explanations as to why you dreamt that. Perhaps you are realizing that passion or figuring out what direction your leaning towards.
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    humility and thankfulness is a brand of happiness... and appreciating what you have
  • specialdusty
    It's not true. with no money your alone. thats misery
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  • Anonymous
    I make over $80,000 a year and it’s really not much for where I live and can’t even get a decent place to live and have no one because I don’t make enough money is why I’m miserable. These people are depressed for other reasons and not the money, it’s more of a struggle without it. I know this because I’ve been poor. Money doesn’t buy happiness but you have to manage what you’re willing to make before it makes you stressed trying to make so much, you need to find your comfort level basically
  • Anonymous
    I had a dream where i could control 4th dimension.
    Even though everyone was with me, i felt alone. Everyone and everything felt fake
  • Anonymous
    My imagery friends spoke to me too, now they put me on med in a padded room.
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    • Larson7

      You are ignorant. You think you are more clever than The Lord? You probably even haven't even done any research or looked at anything. You just probably met somebody when you were younger that didn't believe in God and you were impressed by when you took on their beliefs just a gas but that's what it is 8 out of 10 times 85% Maybe

    • Anonymous

      Actually forced to go to church and watched the hypocrisy in action.

    • Larson7

      What hypocrisy? I get it how's the same way when I was younger but as long as I've grown up you know where I see all of hypocrisy? I mean it's not even close! Yes on the left that's where the hypocrites are.. that's why I left the left

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