A Message God spoke to me in a dream

A Message God spoke to me in a dream

I had a dream years ago

In my dream I had all the money I could ever dream about

And every man that I was interested in was also interested in me

But I was miserable

So miserable that I wanted to kill myself

And than I gave away my money and I was happy again

My parents are fairly well off and they are miserable - dad is depressed constantly - mother is depressed constantly - I get unhappy having to live with them

The happiest time in my life was the time before my parents got into their high paying jobs when my mother was still poor and humble

Today I came up with a money making idea that can net me an income of around $80,000 a year and all of a sudden I was miserable

I realized that until I learn to serve God and not myself with my time and energy and gifts, money will not make me happy and might make me miserable

My situation is not unique

My cousin was very wealthy and attempted suicide and had mental disorders growing up cause she was concerned about her social status

My other cousin was rich and his life was more complicated than rocket science cause he was obsessed with how others would view him and the dangers they poised

i knew a rich millionaire Jew who was taking medicine for depression despite good looks and amazing friends and the ability to buy and eat whatever he wanted - he was miserable

It is meaning and variety and sacrifice that brings happiness

Not having that will take away your bliss and no amount of money will change that

A Message God spoke to me in a dream
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