Why the bible says you should not lie

Why the bible says you should not lie

The bible says when you lie to others and are believed that you in turn will also be lied to and believe the lie

I used to know a guy who lied all the time about everything - he dated a girl that was so obviously cheating on him you’d have to be one years old not to figure it out

But because this guy lied so often he had no sense of truth, he was totally blind to the fact his girl was cheating on him and would never marry him and he wasted over two years dating a cheater

He’s approaching his 50s soon and still cannot find a wife because he lies about everything and girls are not attracted to liars

And the dumbest part of this is he lied to make people like him and instead of being liked for lying, he is hated by so many he cannot find a future wife or impregnate a woman and have kids

My other cousin made millions and could not find a husband until she had dated over 80 men because she lied too - she got married to another liar and 8 years later he divorced her because she lied about not wanting kids when she was actually infertile but afraid he would judge her if he knew the truth

A 50 year old who cannot find a wife after 30 years of chasing girls

A millionaire who cannot find a husband despite being obsessed with clothes and fitness

This is why you shouldn’t lie

Why the bible says you should not lie
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