What spiritual evolution looks like - Bible talk

What spiritual evolution looks like - Bible talk

Years ago I discovered a public speech writer at Harvard called Donovan Livingston

At the time I thought he was a profound thinker with a lot of good ideas that could shape and map the trajectory of your social and religious experience

Now 4 years later I’ve revisited his lift off speech and realized a few failures in his rhetoric

One was that it did not include real life examples of how his ideas worked

Another was that his use of allegory was too simplistic

And thirdly his idealism seemed dishonest

lastly his benefits seemed to lack social profit and to be arbitrarily determined by social and biological inheritance and not by negotiable or changeable factors in his respective world

lastly that the pattern of knowledge transmission in his figurative speech seemed to be an exclusive top down processing engagement from mentor to mentee where the mentee does not reciprocate by also teaching the mentor

And the lack of real life contexts where his idealism could be explosive

Also the failure to prove his arguments in his speech

It seemed to lack authenticity

What I have concluded from the part where Jesus says to pray that earth will be like heaven

Is that you make the hypothetical dream the material and physical reality and you make the spiritual dream the biological truth

Make what is visionary real

So I’ve become more practical over the years

What spiritual evolution looks like - Bible talk
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    wellll, there are baby christians and more mature ones... and they need different messages

    Is this still revelant?

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    evolution is true religion a lie.

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