What we can learn from the Christian and Jewish Sabbath

What we can learn from the Christian and Jewish Sabbath

During my time in university I had a lot of space to study the bible and reflect and worship

Because unless it was exam or mid term season I usually had at least 8-16 hours of free time a day to do whatever I wanted

While working at my previous job that changed. My feet hurt so much from a day of standing I could not climb the stairs without limping and grabbing on to the banister when I got home.

I was too tired nursing my aching body and preparing for the next day of work to relax.

And my worship was non existent from not being calm enough to meditate on God.

A similar thing happened when I was approaching the end of undergraduate studies in university and voluntarily enrolled in a bridging class that would transition me from undergrad to grad school

Around the months before I got into this hectic and busy phase I could feel God restoring my sense of joy.

But the sleep deprivation and stress and anxiety and unhealthy eating from preparing for grad school muffled out my joy shortly after it came back.

And I realized the sabbath shows us Gods will for our lives.

It shows us that God wants us to be thinking and reflective and emotionally responsive beings.

And not professional and hollow money making machines.

Doing things with God first and His worship and compassion is the way to go.

Working hard without Gods humility or love will turn you into a miserly pessimist.

I’ve met people who started out deeply loving and compassionate but once their wealth increased their love grow cold and placid.

God wants us to be His children and not His slaves.

While work is important, we are far more than just our jobs.

What we can learn from the Christian and Jewish Sabbath
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  • Jjpayne
    I totally agree! He wants us to rest so we can reflect and refresh! So we can have meaningful and productive thoughts!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • Am_and_Pm
    U might here this once or twice, give or take a few hundred times.

    It's about to get even weirder. Everything u want to know, u can, and many won't understand this part. U have to listen to ur heart, ur head, and the helping hand.

    The heart is ur radio. It transmits n and out emotion. It guides u. The head organizes thought. Which to me, I can easily jump back and fore into many thoughts I have. The helping hand is a tricky one, where it can be a friend who helps, an object that just happen to be there, or something else that u didn't know existed, Jesus Christ is a good example.

    So yeah, learning what is real or whatis fake. That won't be easy. Hell, can u tell whether Qanon. Antifa, the Essences, the Occean ( yes with two c's), evangelical Christians, etc are helping built a better world or are making chaos?

    There is just so much information. It's a chaos of paper work. So, break it down by building a guide. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

    I learned most of these topics from different places. My Central library, Ebooks, one religious coruse (( and more courses to came), and from independent reading. Not everything should make sense. I mean, hell, there's just so much. Eevevrything is connected. Now imagine trying to make a map of everything. Too many info. So, u will have to look for something specific, just like when ur trying to locate something specific on the website of thelibraryofbabel

    Its tricky, it takes work, it takes time.

    But above all, it everyone will listen. They just dont want to know " because they already think they know."
  • havingfun101
    When it's time for things to die.
    • Am_and_Pm

      What u mean? 🤭

    • The sabbath is a day of rest and rest in the absolute sense is death. I wish you were above average and able to think for yourself.

    • Am_and_Pm

      Wow, ur fun... nice name

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  • Anonymous
    Religion is lye
    • Am_and_Pm


      U mean laim, or lie?

    • Anonymous

      Yes lie, lye was wrong