Jealousy is Pointless // Your Competition is an Illusion

Jealousy is Pointless // Your Competition is an Illusion

Jesus said that in the house of God there are many mansions and if this was not fact Jesus would have warned you about it

What I interpret from this is both that life with God is enriching but also that you do not have to worry about losing your benefits due to the benefits and successes from others

There is a woman that I was always a little jealous off cause she had so many benefits I did not have

I had been trying to write a book at the time for around 15 years and failed to produce a single draft while she had produced dozens of books and been honoured and esteemed for it by the people that I wanted respect and honour from

I wanted to be highly educated but had health issues and financial issues that prevented me from extending myself academically while she worked as the mental health expert with credentials that I wanted to have

I wanted to get involved in social causes to professionally help those in crises situations and get involved with charities but was hated by over half of the charity workers I had ran into while she had won multiple awards and been involved in an internal way in many charitable bureaucracies and social causes

I wanted fame and recognition but failed to get it while she was an award winning novelist and experienced music creator and famous in her limited circle

But later things changed. I did after 16 years of research, come up with a series of ideas and I realized I could make 20-40 times more from my books than she could from hers cause my idea was better and more relevant to daily living affairs while hers was creative fiction and my idea is so unique that nobody in the history of the world has even attempted to do what I’ve done much less succeed - no one among the 8 billion people on the earth has discovered what I have

I also realized that I am younger and can marry and have children while she is single and only has her writing and music and teaching career

I am a religious theological writer and education aspirant while she is a mental health and social issues and visual illustrative writer - our domain is different

While she wants to work in child care - I intend to achieve fame and then buy my way into Harvard with my media status and not my academic skills

Jealousy is Pointless // Your Competition is an Illusion
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  • Jjpayne

    I think it's a good focus point! Wish good on other people, be glad that they have what they have. Then acknowledge that you have what you need, your life is exactly what is needed for you. You might not be able to see it but your life has meaning, it might not be till your later life but it does. Everything in life leads up to something and I think everyone has a special part to play in other people's lives and on this earth. We just all need to stay hopeful and optimistic to see it though

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  • Avicenna

    Quite true

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  • OvernightDemon23

    We often need to have that someone with whom to compete with, we just happen to not look in the mirror cause that is your truest competion. Be better than you were yesterday.

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    welll... ur gonna have to have acedemic skills to be in harvard...

    • If your famous you don’t have to be smart - stupid people like Tyra Banks and Natalie Portman got in

    • to do what? and what's the big deal about going to harvard if they do nothing there?

    • Tyra Banks studied Business and Portman studied Biology - she said she wanted to work in the medical field if her acting career dies down one day

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  • jimmy2

    Do you know how big this house is?

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