One Mistake I Made as a Christian that Almost Turned Me Atheist

One Mistake I Made as a Christian that Almost Turned Me Atheist

One mistake I made when before I became a Christian was that I trusted in myself and not in the universe or the spirit of creation - this led to pride, ego, anorexia, extreme arrogance, anxiety disorders, health obstacles, daily humiliations, depression, psychological injuries, self-hatred, phobias and fears

When I learned to trust in the universe I was as calm as a lantern and my nightmare ended

A mistake I made during the process of transitioning from atheism to theism is that I worshiped the physical world because I thought God was found in nature

I worshiped all the natural beauty of the physical world and believed my purpose in life was to maximize physical and visual and emotional and mental pleasure

Not understanding the purpose of life is joy and inspiration and love and not pointless indulgence and vain pursuits of temporal or selfish happiness

God is a spiritual being and worshiping God in a mature person is done through a meditation of His love and goodness and not through a shallow surface appraisal of the inconsequential physical world

Inconsequential because the spiritual controls the physical more than the physical controls the spiritual

Unless of course your Peter

One Mistake I Made as a Christian that Almost Turned Me Atheist
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  • Jjpayne

    Thank you for sharing that with us! And I agree with your discovery :) I think we all need some form of balance :) it can't just be one thing, it needs to be others too

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  • Maraneva

    I think I'll have good use for your thoughts here. I face these situations daily too. Good one you've written!

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  • AdithyaR

    That's nice that you found peace in religion.
    For me personally it was the opposite and I've found peace in atheism.
    But everyone should simply do what gives them inner peace and I'm glad you found yours.

  • genericname85

    you made a mistake and trusted in yourself? wow. that's some expert level of delusion... you would have been way better off, being disconnected from that thought prison.

  • Iknowbestgirls

    I completely disagree. I am a believer in the old norse gods. The religion is a personal belief where there is no structured way if doing things like christianity is. "Do this and that, if you don't you go to hell" that's is not a living god! It is a nature based religion and that is the true religion of humanity. Your mistake was becoming a filthy virus of a christian. Worshiping the earth and nature is the true human religion. Where even early ancestors of ours like the neanderthals practiced earth worship. It is both personal to the individual and a spiritual experience. Nature is our mother and the essence of life, not the foreign made up belief system created by the Jewish people on the other side of the world. Hail ODIN FREYA THOR and FREY!

  • jimmy2

    God bless you i so glad you found Jesus

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  • OddBeMe

    You say you were atheist but I doubt it.

    • nope, me neither. if you talk like this, you were never close to being an atheist. sounds like she's citing a cult textbook about "how to successfully delude myself" xD