How I understand Gods parable of the labourers in the vineyard

How I understand Gods parable of the labourers in the vineyard

In the bible Jesus tells a story

A wealth property owner hires people to work in his vineyard

Some are hired in the morning and work longer

Some are hired near the end of the day and work shorter hours

When it’s time to pay the labourers, the ones hired last are paid first while the ones hired first are paid last despite working more hours than the ones hired last

He ends his parable with the line “so the last will be first and the first will be last.”

Some translations also say “for many are called but few are chosen” or possibly “for their is no partiality with God.”

What this means is

Those who work harder are less gracious towards others because they sacrificed more - they are the last to give grace to others which is why they are the last to receive grace from God

Those who work the least hard are the most humble and the most gracious because they sacrificed the least and are therefore the most knowledgeable about their unworthiness to receive everlasting life. Because they are the most humble and the most gracious they are the first to receive the grace and forgiveness of God.

Another thing is the differences between those hired first and those hired last did not matter because those who were hired first were so poor in love and grace towards those who were less spiritually successful than them.

When they receive their grace they rest and begin a new day the next morning. Rebuilding their religion from scratch on the foundation of grace and abandoning the old foundation or reward cycle of merit by work and sacrifice.

How I understand Gods parable of the labourers in the vineyard
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  • Jjpayne

    I never thought about those working less hard being the most humble... It does make sense though 🤔 good point!

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  • Miristheiss

    I think it was referring to those who have been saved, repented and obtained eternal life.
    Some do it young and have full lives serving God. Some may live ungodly lives and turn to God later and be saved.
    Some may obtain salvation at the very end of their lives... after living an entire life of sin.

    All will received salvation and eternal life. Even the criminal being crucified next to Jesus was told "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise" when he repented to confessed Jesus.

    I think it is just a parable that all who come to God for forgiveness and confess God will receive the same salvation. All the workers receive the same pay... those that started work in the morning and worked the full day and those that were hired at the very end of the day. All that humbly seek God will receive salvation, those that grew up in a church going family and who were saved at an early age... the same as those that lived a life of drugs and crime but who come to God broken and humble much later in life.

    Each receive forgiveness and eternal life.

  • Floppy2112

    The people I know that work less hard are the least humble. They are the ones walking around thinking they are entitled to everything. The one's who work the hardest and longest are the humblest, because they are not relying on anyone's good graces or entitlement, they are functioning on merit.
    This parable is not a parable about humility, per se. It's a story about never being too late to change for the better.


    but a main point of the story... was that all the workers were paid the same wage... no matter what their hours were that day... but good take...

  • genericname85

    it's not "gods parable". just saying. that book wasn't written by god. neither is it written by jesus, who is anyway not god either.

    i get what you're saying here totally. however i just don't get how people always have to associate "god" with anything anybody says, that rings true in their ears can something that is true and good not stand for itself? does it need the god sticker for you to be acceptale? give the people that came up with it some credit. or else you're basically letting people who worked in the vineyard go unpaid to stay within the parable xD

  • David_Bayer

    The Bible was written by ancoemt people with little understanding of world's principles. Don't take it too seriously.