What Moral Perfection Looks Like - According to Jesus

What Moral Perfection Looks Like - According to Jesus

The pharisees thought the ultimate Goal of life was perfection in Justice and law keeping

To protect their religious interests they avoided adultery and kept kosher and sabbath

But Jesus introduced or clarified or revealed a deeper level of obedience to God

Jesus taught a perfection in love and not a perfection in Justice

He gave 6 examples of this love

1 Give wisdom and truth and peace to those who are hungry for satisfaction and security and fairness

2 Give love and sympathy and joy to those who are thirsty for love and companionship and understanding

3 Give humility and support and care to the mentally sick who need therapy and instruction and forgiveness

4 Give initiative and confidence and consideration to those who are imprisoned in their own fears and shyness and self hatred

5 Give hope and vision and beauty to those who are naked in their ugliness and anger and boredom

6 Give faith and tolerance and time to those who are a stranger to your values and morals and lifestyle

God expects you to care for all humanity and not just your Christian or Islamic or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist or Sikh or Asian or Middle Eastern or European or African or South American or North American brothers or Native American brothers and sisters

What Moral Perfection Looks Like - According to Jesus
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