A Simple Success Trick for Christians

A Simple Success Trick for Christians

So let me ask you a question:

Who has a better body? A fitness trainer or professional model who spends 14 hours a day trying to look good or a medical student who studies for 16 hours a day and has almost no time to exercise?

Who is more likely to marry a rich man or woman: the gold digger who devotes their entire existence to snagging a rich partner or the conservative guy or girl with amazing morals and work ethic?

The bible says when you seek first to jointly serve God and society through social service and also to be a kind a gracious person, that God gives you all the things a person could want or need: Even if you did not pursue those other things or work for those other things.

This is why your average doctor is better looking than your average personal trainer who has more time to exercise and diet than the doctor.

And this is why men and woman who don’t judge romantic partners by their financial situation are more likely to marry rich and successful people.

When you fight God’s battles for God by serving and sacrificing and loving, God fights your battles for you by giving and blessing and caring for you.

I know plenty of people who don’t care about marriage out of their love for God who have dozens of girls that like them and I know people who devote their entire existence to marriage who can’t get even a half decent girl to consider them.

Seek first to serve God by working to improve society and seek second to be kind and loving, than God will take care of your finances and your body and your relationships.

A Simple Success Trick for Christians
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  • Jjpayne

    I totally agree! Fix yours eyes on the kingdom of God and all things will follow. Have a heart that is pure and steadfast for good and good things will find you

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  • yofuknutz

    U R aware of the "Red pill 💊/MGTOW situation out here?

  • Kashelybee

    What are you saying?

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    • Saying that Christians are blind I guess? It's quite obvious that someone studying medical science wouldn't have a better body than someone who is devoting most of their time to "improving" their body.

      Also, if you go out looking for someone rich, you won't find anyone, but if you work hard and stuff you will land yourself a rich person. All the poor people in the world obviously just aren't working hard enough, otherwise they would all be living in the lap of luxury.

    • Are you living in a lap of luxury? If so, what do you think you’ve done that led to that?

    • Afraid not, obviously I haven't put enough effort in

  • Mhmmmalreadykno