My Christian Goal Setting Guide For You People

My Christian Goal Setting Guide For You People

This is my Christian Goal Setting Guideline for You People:

Fitness Goals

1 - Focus on spot reduction like building muscle in flabby areas and not on cumulative modification like losing 20% of your body fat

2 - Focus on improvements like better heart rate and not on finalized results like look better in a dress

Spiritual Goals

1 - Focus on moods like gratitude or altruism and not on tasks like reading certain pages in the bible each day

2 - Focus on universal goals like kindness to people and not on specific goals like controlling your eating habits

Social Goals

1 - Focus on skills like better listening ability or delayed judgment when offended and not on results like securing a romantic relationship or making X number of new friends

2 - Focus on how you can serve others such as sending encouragement to people and not on how others can serve you such as socializing with friends X days each week

Financial Goals

1 - Focus on actions like spend less on pizza and not on achievements like find a better job

2 - Focus on steps, like read an hour each day on global economies and not on products like earn X dollars in investments each week

My Christian Goal Setting Guide For You People
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    Good on u start small then work your way up
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    Have you met your husband @ church?