3 Success Tips From The Bible

3 Success Tips From The Bible

1 - Meekness / Modesty / Lowliness / Self-Control / Submission to God and righteous Social and Spiritual Authorities Give You Power Over Creation.

If you always live with caution and concern and courtesy and creativeness you will be protected from many disparaging habits that affect others. The bible says the meek inherit the earth, the fear of God nourishes your bones, and heals your body and lengthens your life. It also says that humility leads to wealth and honour and mercy from God.

2 - Finding Your Niche and Being Self-Authentic and Uniquely Positioned To Use and Tailor Your Talents To Your Life and Circumstance.

I used to believe I was not a good writer because I lacked visual embellishment and complex story sequencing and imaginative caricature as well as immigrant literary vocabulary and muted multi dimensionality. Than I realized I possess social authority and semantic magnification and unique spiritual virtuosos in my writing. So this is my authentic voice and I do not have to pretend I’m talented in clown stories the way they are.

3 - Learning not only from what people say but also what they do and how they verbalized their behaviours and habits and patterns and thoughts.

I remember I once watched an attractive teacher and life coach talk about how she managed her busy schedule and just by observing her social gestures, I came up with over 20 tips for attracting people and marketing your brand such as using colour choice to communicate personality etc... You don’t have to buy a thousand books, watch a public person talk in a video and take notes.

4. Taking things in stride and locking past insults.

One thing that characterizes all prosperous individuals I know is that they are unusually kind and courteous with abusers. I’m not referring to self hatred or a bizarre self punishing persecution addiction but I’m referring to a graceful willingness to ignore the bad behaviours of others, which promotes you above those who allow the bad apples to hurt your mood. Don’t assume others don’t have problems or enemies, everyone does, but smart people hide their drama and disarm it by being experienced and future minded.

3 Success Tips From The Bible
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  • alance99
    All these points are true or valid for a person to be sucessful.

    Nice Mytake
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  • Jjpayne
    These tips are amazing! I could not agree more!
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I really enjoyed ready this and you made some really great points
  • OddBeMe
    You guys are putting more into the Bible than what’s actually there. And sidestepping the misogyny, slavery and downright evil of god.
  • kevyhanma
    Jesus is a lie