What I think of false piety in Christianity

What I think of false piety in Christianity

A pastor at my old church once mentioned false humility in one of his sermons.

And I rejected a guy for trying to teach false humility to his friend’s child by attempting to embarrass the 4-6 year old for having unrealistic goals. Of course his goals are unrealistic: He’s not even in middle school yet!

I’ve met Christians who waste their time complaining about how bad our society is for accepting Muslims instead of celebrating how good our society is that fire fighters and police officers are risking their lives to help others.

I know pastors who talk about how bad it is that people make mistakes instead of celebrating how good it is these people are trying to learn from their mistakes.

I’ve met people who spend 5 hours a day worshiping God and than judge and hate other sincere believers who try to be good Christians but are misguided and immature and make more errors than them due to justifiably limited associations with useful religious teachers

And than I’ve met other Christians who are only a little religious but they protect the lonely, they protect the sick, they protect the self hating and the depressed and the ignorant and the naive.

Real piety is when you serve those who require assistance or deserve your affection.

False piety is complaining about clothe stains and not noticing the birthday cake next to the clothe stain.

False piety involves complaining about the disobedience of others instead of celebrating the service and sacrifice and kindness of others.

False piety involves viewing Judaism or Islam as a moral flaw and not as another brand of God worship by a distinct coexisting and societally representational group.

False piety involves unnecessary hatred and bitterness and deliberate ignorance to the natural value of labourers and mothers and students and societal heroes.

The show images of Muslim terrorists but do not show images of Muslim doctors and nurses and surgeons and grand mothers and police officers and fire fighters and humanitarians on Facebook.

What I think of false piety in Christianity
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  • Maraneva

    Well written, Jennifer!

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  • Miristheiss

    Mmmm, that photo... that scripture.

    I agree and disagree.

    I think it does apply... but more for our own communities. Help the needy among you. Help the kids in your community.

    This strange concept that millions of people can just up and move 1,500 miles and want to plop themselves in your country and then to pull out bible verses as if you are evil and against God if these people are not brought in. That is just too much.

    I think people are trying to guilt others into thinking they can solve the entire world's problems and we are called to rescue the entire planet. We cannot do that. But I think that message is true and applies to your own neighbors, those around you and among you. If you live in Nashville Tennessee, help those in Nashville that need help. You can't come through it in their face that something who lives in Alaska or Michigan needs help and accuse them of being a "bad person" if they don't travel the globe looking for the needy. The needy are everywhere.

    Those in the USA should help their neighbors and fellow countrymen. The country not letting in a mob of 2,000,000 people from South America to relocate to our home does not apply to this cheap condemnation that dishonest photo that tries to warp that good message into some political vehicle to alter our own home country.

    That is basically cheap and intellectually dishonest.

  • AlexanderAnttila

    I agree on the topic of false humility as a problem, but you've presented this in some questionable ways.

    The image provided is an extremely politically angled message, and I don't care for it. Illegal immigration is a serious issue and brings with it criminality, drug trafficking and human trafficking. God is a god of order, the Scripture says, and it also bids us to obey our authorities, because they are instituted by God, (Romans). And it is far better and safer for those least of His brothers to come into a given country legally than illegally. It baffles me how few people in modern society comprehend that simple concept. So to demonize agencies like ICE because they are devoted to legal immigration is foolish, emotionally misled and unbiblical.

    "False piety involves complaining about the disobedience of others instead of celebrating the service and sacrifice and kindness of others."
    Depends on how exactly you mean. The Bible says that we are to correct brothers and sisters that sin, and the Book of Proverbs states that open rebuke is better than hidden love. It isn't wrong to point out when something is done against the will of God within the Body of Christ, obviously. But it depends on how you do it and where your heart is.

    "False piety involves viewing Judaism or Islam as a moral flaw and not as another brand of God worship by a distinct coexisting and societally representational group."
    Okay, now we've jumped straight into hippie-Christianity. Judaism and Islam do *not* worship God in truth, any real Believer knows this. Islam denies Jesus as the Son of God, "and the one who rejects you rejects me, and the one who rejects me rejects him who sent me"
    -Luke 10:16

    It is a violent and double faced, hollow religion with over 100 verses inciting vehemence against unbelievers and that places, like Judaism, all their faith in traditions, routines and works of man rather than faith in God. It is by far Satan's best and most powerful tool in the spiritual world against followers of Christ and to believe otherwise is to be dangerously deceived. The Bible warns time and time again against false teachings, and yet you write as if we're all one and the same? Jennifer, no, seriously, no. You need to seek God on this. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life, *no one* comes to the Father except through Him. It's clear as day.

    Overall the message is good in its foundation, but disappointingly, you have a lot of bad influence from liberal theology, study the Bible rather than just act on your emotions. "The heart is deceiving above all things and beyond cure, who can understand it?"
    -Jeremiah 17:9

  • AdithyaR

    I'm an atheist but I totally understand this and agree. I feel like the best way someone can worship God is by doing good and helping others.
    Using religion as an excuse to hate or attack others is bad.

    Very well written.

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  • JEndigoBleue

    You don't need a religion to be an ass. That's human nature.

    We were all born into this world of disobedience of the first man and woman. First human creatures.. Both walked with God... but still found a way to be an ass. Judging, seducing, manipulate, accusers, dissension, arrogrance, etc Just two people!

    I understand your point of view. Just like Jesus said "He that have sin throw the first stone" "Follow peace with all men" "Love covers a multitude of sin." "They shall know we are Christians by the love we have for another." "Lack of knowledge is your distruction" The list goes on and on. The Bible is all about "Love" Love for God and obedience to his word. And, Love for mankind and how to live this life. But mostly all about "Love"

    No one is perfect though we all strive to be or likness of. Even when "we" point flaws of those in error. It is reverse disdain. Pray for them and don't mirror them.

  • TheRealQuestion2

    I agree completely. Its because of these reasons my parents avoided mainstream Christianity. They homeschooled me and my siblings. We grew up as nondenominational Christians. Also, in my life I've been screwed over by 5 people and 3 of them commonly post bible verses on their social media.

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  • Meldrum

    Remember this when confronted with these radical evangelical hypocrites, if Jesus didn't say it or if Jesus didn't do it, then it's a falsehood in the eyes of God. That is IF you consider yourself a Christ... ian. Those who live by the Old Testament will die by it. You cannot be a Christian if you go by the Old Testaments. Jesus said he did not come to replace the old teachings but to fulfill the prophecies of the old teachings. Love one another as you love yourselves or you love me.

  • stuntbrain

    The message seems to be that all pious are believers, but not all believers are pious. Where do the non-religious fit when helping people is compelled by a lack of belief and based upon a subsequent view that all we have in this world is each other? Is false piety better or worse than outright rejection of piety?

  • masonova1

    The objective purpose of religion is to give people a sense of community, as well as a common framework from which people can build with and tell stories of human experience to. This is how ugly it can get when a religion picks a "they". It's an unfortunate byproduct of a tool we used to kill a lot of birds with one stone.

  • oddwaffle

    This is why I like atheist.

    You couldn't commit anything evil in the name of religion.

    I have seen too many people just use their religion like their personal justice stick to beat and abuse people who can't fight back.

  • Hogwheels

    People in the church are just as much sinners as those outside the church. Its why we turn to God, because we're sinners. Is why we need him.

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  • Waffles731

    There are local multifaith organizations that have repeatedly protested a nearby ICE facility,
    One of the kindest, most genuinely and intrinsically good people I know, is a Mormon woman who helped organize one of the protests.

  • Giggletr0nn

    I see a lot of these casually preachy posts and I find myself wondering, would Jesus really still talk like that? I doubt the wording would still be so cryptic.

  • dmgstarfleet

    Evangelicals are not Christian they just use the label to pose as decent people.

  • Jjpayne

    I think you do have a good point. We need to focus on the important matters. However, there is a place where the bible takes stances on things. And this is a tough grey area... because while Jesus made exceptions many lost their lives for simple mistakes. I think their needs to be a balance of aiming for the greater good while standing your ground on some topics that are not always as colorful. But we are in a different type of society with different morals and it is hard to know how to adjust to those morals especially when they don't agree with what is in the bible. It is a tough place and it makes for a hard and difficult discussion. But overall, I do agree with your point, always aim for the greater good in every situation

  • Iamcoming

    Me too a Muslim and sent my thanks to you. You have a clean heart and respect to peoples

  • SmolSlav

    I'm not Christian but I am against it

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people like to say they believe in God and are Christians but they don't live it.