What I think of false piety in Christianity

What I think of false piety in Christianity

A pastor at my old church once mentioned false humility in one of his sermons.

And I rejected a guy for trying to teach false humility to his friend’s child by attempting to embarrass the 4-6 year old for having unrealistic goals. Of course his goals are unrealistic: He’s not even in middle school yet!

I’ve met Christians who waste their time complaining about how bad our society is for accepting Muslims instead of celebrating how good our society is that fire fighters and police officers are risking their lives to help others.

I know pastors who talk about how bad it is that people make mistakes instead of celebrating how good it is these people are trying to learn from their mistakes.

I’ve met people who spend 5 hours a day worshiping God and than judge and hate other sincere believers who try to be good Christians but are misguided and immature and make more errors than them due to justifiably limited associations with useful religious teachers

And than I’ve met other Christians who are only a little religious but they protect the lonely, they protect the sick, they protect the self hating and the depressed and the ignorant and the naive.

Real piety is when you serve those who require assistance or deserve your affection.

False piety is complaining about clothe stains and not noticing the birthday cake next to the clothe stain.

False piety involves complaining about the disobedience of others instead of celebrating the service and sacrifice and kindness of others.

False piety involves viewing Judaism or Islam as a moral flaw and not as another brand of God worship by a distinct coexisting and societally representational group.

False piety involves unnecessary hatred and bitterness and deliberate ignorance to the natural value of labourers and mothers and students and societal heroes.

The show images of Muslim terrorists but do not show images of Muslim doctors and nurses and surgeons and grand mothers and police officers and fire fighters and humanitarians on Facebook.

What I think of false piety in Christianity
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