How I now view Sabbath after not getting proper rest

How I now view Sabbath after not getting proper rest

On Saturday I read a 365 page book and what made it hard was the book was written 100 - 200 years ago and used a lot of old English terms not commonly used in modern conversation so I had to make around 1-3 trips to the dictionary for each page of reading and often times, the dictionaries did not immediately reference the correct word either because they considered the older usages of those words to be outdated and inaccurate: This means, I often had to go through more than one dictionary and sift through the bottom of the list, and sometimes read etymological accounts and interpret foreign terms to comprehend what I was reading. The first day I did it but it took longer than I expected, around 6-7 hours.

The second day I was supposed to read 380 pages, and the page count said I had mastered almost one third of that over night or in the early hours of reading but I was highly suspicious this was a mechanical error by me, where I unintentional bypassed chapters without comprehensibly accounting for them. However it took me around 8-9 hours, just to account for the 240+ pages I had left after skipping over or not skipping over the pages I did not remember reading, meaning my rate of reading was much slower the second day, and this did not make sense because I used the dictionary less than 1/3 as often as I did the first day.

The third day of reading, my goal was to cover a thousand pages today and it is almost dinner time and I’ve barely covered 80, I’m also tired and unmotivated and not responding emotionally or even mentally to the content as much as I had the first or second day due to sleeping issues from the night before.

I realized that I should have taken more breaks in between reading for my mind and heart and spirit and body to recover and for my thirst to be regularly quenched during the reading process, that my lacklustre commitment to rest was impeding my growth and causing unnecessary mental and physical drama in my life. This is why we are called to keep the sabbath, it has not just mood boosting properties but also healing properties and is essential for the functional power and physical maintenance of good health.

How I now view Sabbath after not getting proper rest
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  • Jjpayne

    I think there was a good reason that the God of all creation made a point to rest. Because it was clearly an important thing to do. If God rested, how much more should we

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  • kkirk4442

    The word Sabbath means rest. According to Genesis, Sabbath is the seventh day, Saturday.

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