The Second Lie that Adam and Eve bought into - Bible talk

The Second Lie that Adam and Eve bought into - Bible talk

The serpent that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden told Eve that she would not die if she ate from the forbidden tree. But you see there was a second lie that Eve believed beyond the belief she would not die: She believed that knowing good and evil would make Adam and Eve like God.

If you do research on violent crime you will find one unusual fact: violent criminals hate violent criminals more than non violent criminals hate violent criminals.

People think the Knowledge of good and evil will make them good so they work hard to instill their own interpretation of good and evil into their offspring but it isn’t the Knowledge of good and evil that prevents an evil person from doing evil, it’s the Knowledge of love and inspiration and service and spirituality that drives out evil.

The Inspiration of love drives out the perspiration of corruption but the knowledge of evil cannot drive out evil because it isn’t anti Darkness that drives out Darkness, it is the presence of light that drives out Darkness. Anti Darkness is simple a black hole and a bigger Darkness than the Darkness or raw space beyond earth.

The most malicious people I know are also the ones with the strongest hatred for what they believe is evil and some of them also have a incredible love for what they believe is good. The best people I know are the ones who are the least aware of evil and also the least judgmental and hateful toward it.

So Religion that drives out sin is not Religion that condemns evil but Religion that fosters Purpose and excellence and meaning and love. You cannot drive out evil by condemning it - Black Lives Matter has shown that anger is not enough to remove hatred in the people you are opposing. You have to drive out evil by disowning it and losing interest in it - to hate something is to think about it and thinking about it is the second cousin of being interested in it.

The Second Lie that Adam and Eve bought into - Bible talk
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  • Citizenkirk

    I'm not a Christian or a religious person, but I am spiritual in nature.
    As far as I'm concerned, if God exists, God exist on its own terms, in its own way, and at its own speed and time, and determines for itself, its own purpose, and I do the same for myself, in my own mortal way.
    I do not believe or disbelieve in God, but do respect God's possible existence, enough too refuse too label or define god, and just let that Supreme intellect that people call Yawa, Alla, Krishna, Zeus, Chronos, Gaia, Uranus, Odin, Ra, and other references too an undefinable life force-energy state, exist on it's terms, not mine or any one else's. People get militant in their assertation that it actually matters whether God created the universe and is separate from it, or that God is the universe, and is one with it, and that we are a part of that universe, which too me is all bull, because it is what it is, and no one's definitions means squat in the big picture of things. That's my stance on religion, spirituality. It's all bigger than me- you and everyone else, and until my intellect becomes big enough to comprehend it, I'm not going to try and define it. I'm just going to let it exist on it's own terms, and be what it's going to be. Since I've been granted that courtesy myself, to be who I am, on my own terms.
    My grandmother believed that the fruit of the tree of knowledge was not forbidden, but was a choice in which to embrace that knowledge meant that paradise was forbidden. Adam and Eve took responsibility of their own existence onto them by gaining knowledge of that existence, therefore, God could not take care of them anymore, because they could do that for themselves. The fruit itself is not forbidden, but Paradise was forbidden to them once they had that knowledge. That the fruit gave them thus, they were no longer allowed in Eden. That was my grandma's take on it, anyway.
    Greek mythology defines this fruit as a blessing not a curse and it took the form of fire that Prometheus had stolen from Olympus (Paying the Ultimate Price for his gift too humans) given to humanity as a gift to deliver them from the oppression from the gods. The Greek gods were not defined as being all loving and all giving as the one God of Christianity and Islam were. They tend to be more spiteful and unevolved in their treatment of human beings. Therefore humanity and the demigod still fought with them would die in the dirt over living under the protection and oppression, of spiteful demanding child gods. Fire which represented knowledge gave them the means to free themselves of the gods and take their destiny into their own hands. Christians can choose to make the same interpretation of the fruit of knowledge if they want or they can curse the Independence that knowledge gave them. My take on it, is that God gave humanity knowledge so that humanity could take care of themselves and therefore God is incapable of taking care of those that can do for themselves and that God is destroying mankind if God does it for them. It's a catch 22 if you will, God condemns humanity by giving humanity what they needed to survive on their own, but only if humanity is committed to the idea of living for eternity in Eden. I think heaven was a compromise, in which intelligent and independent human beings, could live in service of God, without being dependent on God, like they would have been in Eden. With this arrangement, humans can help God and serve God rather than be completely dependent on God, and still be with God. In that context, it may have been the only way that God could keep humans close to him without forcing them to be dependent on him for every little thing that they're intelligence could do for themselves, making human beings an asset, rather than a liability, to themselves and too him.

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  • Jjpayne

    That's interesting... The lie that you will never die... I think it's something where we think as humans we are immortal. We look at older people and say that's not us.. but when you look at entertainers that died many went in their 50s and 60s it's interesting to think about

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  • Elsa143

    But I don't understand that because of Eve's actions, all species of female gender is Cursed with labor pain, menstruation, physical weakness and having safety issues in this world.
    ? What was female dogs, lions, birds, cow, giraffe or other female human's fault?
    Why the entire female gender is cursed because of EVE'S MISTAKE? She shall endure millions of punishments. Why are we suffering because of her? What did we do?

  • Kaytardxo

    Interesting, I’m just here to say BLM is a joke. Nothing more than a distraction, a terrorist group from the inside.

    “Focus on me, not the storm”

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  • JDavid25

    Good take.. There was some truth in the lie though.. That they would know Good and Evil like God but not actually like God.. Adam and Eve knew about evil but they never experienced it.. Once they ate the fruit they experienced it, and fail for the trick.. They just will never know it like God.. Simply cause God has knowledge of evil like no other.. I agree that God never intended for Humans to know evil, only to know about what is evil which was a rebellion and rejection of him. Although, dependin on the situation I think we today should know what is evil so we can know what to avoid doing which is why God tells us the sins..

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  • slatyb

    The biggest lie that Christianity teaches is the concept of sin.

  • loveslongnails

    ... except... the knowledge of a particular thing, no matter what it is, doesn't "cause" a person to make a proper choice, does it?

  • havingfun101

    Sluts and simps in the bible

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  • Anonymous

    eve wasn't the first woman god created lily was. and lily didn't come from adam's rib she was made from dirt like adam was

  • Anonymous

    Adam and eve... 🌱😂