What the bible says about lying

What the bible says about lying

The book of proverbs lists two obvious punishments to those who lie:

1st - Is that they they will be blocked from reaching their goals in life

2nd - Is that they will have health problems or poverty issues and there will be no forgiveness or way out other then to endure the pain until their debt is paid off.

You could exercise twice a day, eat 8 vegetables a day, marry the most amazing man, meditate for an hour a day, buy cats and dogs, surround yourself with amazing people and have perfect technology in your home, get 9 hours of sleep every night - but if you tell lies, you will still have very serious health problems.

I know two thin and intelligent people who can’t find people to marry despite working 14 hour days because they are pathological liars with no sense of loyalty to facts or people or God. The bible says when you tell lies, God prevents you from reaching your goals in life.

What the bible says about lying
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