Why a religious person should always forgive those who do wrong

Why a religious person should always forgive those who do wrong

People expect their opponents to compensate them for the wrong they suffered.

But you do not need compensation from your enemy.

Because God will compensate you for what you went through.

Either in this life or in the next.

And usually in both.

In India a lot of religious people do not regret being robbed.

They believe that when they are robbed, their karma value goes up.

And they receive a blessing beyond the dues that were lost to them in the robbery.

So do not mourn the past.

Look forward to the future and the blessing that it will bring.

Why a religious person should always forgive those who do wrong
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  • Jjpayne

    Because it promotes less hate and more fair judgement vs harsh judgement. It's the idea of inspiring a person to be better than simply naming a person by what they have done. Instead of calling a person a drug addict, call them phil and make them stand up again on their own two feet. Yes they put their kids in a dangerous situation by leaving them at home while he wasted money on drugs but we can stay at calling phil a drug dealer or by calling phil his name and helping go higher than that. Inspiration is why you should forgive and the fact the unforgiveness leaves you an emotional scar that you carry for life and it adds an undue and unnecessary emotional weight we don't need to carry.

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  • Chris_u006

    Forgiveness of those who wronged you isn't even necessary, karma will punish when and where it is needed to.
    But karma and a new life doesn't always work. If the good actions doesn't weigh up the mistakes It's still gonna haunt you in the next life

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  • Finchie40

    The thing is you can forgive someone for their actions and what they did wrong to you it’s your choice , you might never forget but you can forgive if you choose too , God doesn’t want you living your life dwelling over someone else’s actions God didn’t put us here to be angry and miserable and to hate each other, he put us here to Love one another and to live contently, God doesn’t force us, he guides us , it’s your decision if you want to choose his path to guide you or not , if you choose his path he will guide you , but that’s something you have to choose and accept on your own We all have Freewill. As for me I choose to follow God’s path as much as possible whether I am right or wrong that doesn’t matter , it’s my choice to accept him as my leader, I am no Holy Roller and I never force my beliefs onto others but I have no problem sharing my experiences in life with others on how God guided me Through my life experiences I accepted God to guide me, I have experienced amazing things by accepting him into my heart and for him to show me the way , We are all imperfect people , Growing up my family never forced religion on to me and they weren’t really religious at all , so for a long time I didn’t believe in it and thought it was a joke. When I finally accepted it and gave it a shot I was blown away , So I rather live my life knowing after my time on Earth that my life will continue in Heaven , instead of just living my life until I die and that’s it , Again whether I am right or wrong that doesn’t matter, I just choose to believe and accept God as my lSavior , When it comes to love and relationships I always put God first and my partner second , the way God wants us to do , When you choose your kids or your family and friends over your spouse , You aren’t following God’s way , If you choose to get revenge on someone that did you wrong you aren’t following God’s way , Again it’s your choice , You can either choose God or choose the Devil is the way I look at it

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  • Sincerly_KittyCat

    Because no one is perfect, ONLY God and we want God to forgive us just so we should keep that same energy.

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  • Twenty2

    The people who think that their Karma value goes up when they get robbed, please get me their contact info lol. Karma doesn't work that way Jennifer. Karma is a very complex thing and whomsoever believes that bullshit doesn't know shit.

    I personally doesn't hold on to the past because I can't change it. I can't change the past, nor can I change the future. I can only work in the present and hence, I should make the best of it.

  • Kas19

    I think being expected to always forgive people who wrong you is silly. I don't forgive unless they are able to admit what they did wrong, and apologize. That's about it.

  • Thedivinechic

    I am not religious but I can forgive and I will definitely forget about the person. I would just let them be...

  • Massageman

    As Christians, we are called on to forgive others as God has forgiven us via Jesus, our Savior. John 3:16.

  • Titanic1912

    We should forgive other just like Christ has forgiven us.

  • Xoirwinkan

    Perhaps, but the Bible also says to execute rapists and murderers.

  • Agape93

    Yeah, you do you. Fuck that.

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  • lillianaustin


  • collie22

    don't judge and don't forget

  • GAGSucksBalls1

    so should a non religious person not forgive?